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Video #3: Introducing the ABA Bird of the Year 2011

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In which we debut the ABA Bird of the Year program. It's a really simple idea, one that some may laugh off as a trifle. But I think it's a real step along the road to the ABA building a stronger birding community and a more effective organization to represent it. And, to get started, it's as simple as peel and stick!

BOY AMKE sticker lg
I hope you enjoy the video and will look forward to receiving the March issue of Birding.


We'll post a link to the Web Extra I mention here as soon as it's up.

Let us know in the comments if you have ideas for content we might feature, good kestrel conservation or research efforts we might promote, and so on. And be thinking about which species you'd like to see us choose for 2012!

And, finally, here's the March issue's cover, with artwork by Louise Zemaitis:

11-2-01-F01 [Cover]

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Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon is the president of the American Birding Association. There's very little about birds, birding, and birders that he doesn't find fascinating, though he's especially interested in birding culture and the many ways we all communicate our passion for birds, including this Blog.
  • so stinkin’ cute. i can’t wait to get mine in the mail!

  • These are very cool! Definitely a quick and easy way to get the brand out there.

  • Liz McQuaid

    Oh I really want one!

  • This is a good idea…will it peel off nicely? I was thinking about Liz’s comments about the cards birders can leave at restaurants that say “I’m a birder spending money”. What if the ABA sent out a page of those with the renewal letter (like they send address labels)? Or had a page in every other issue? We could scan and print our own cards, that would get the word out about the ABA!

  • Simply, fun, powerful. I like it! I look forward to sporting my stickers soon and spreading the good word of the ABA.

    I love the Kestrel as the first bird of the year. It has always been one of my favorite birds. They’re so beautiful and common. Most people know the Sparrow Hawk. I’ve been contemplating for a couple of years starting what I would call “The Great Kestrel Count”. Similar to a Christmas bird count, I’d assign folks to a designated area on a map in my community and we all split up and count Kestrels (and all the other birds of course). Being in Idaho, Utah, and eastern Oregon, Kestrels seem to be on the power lines between every other pole munching on voles. It would be interesting to see if and how populations cycle.

  • Liz Gordon

    This is a good year to start!

  • I think this is fabulous idea! Everyone loves stickers and I predict these will become collector’s items for future generations of ABAers.

  • Wayne

    I will make another plea to have the message posted as text as well as video. I haven’t bothered viewing this one. On the first two, I found I could have read the article in much less time than it took to view it. It would be different if the video actually added something to the message, but it was just a talking head.

    My DSL connection wasn’t fast enough to view the video without hesitations, which made it more frustrating. And then I decided that it hadn’t actually said much.

  • Ed Furlong

    Great Idea!

    Two thoughts:

    1) While you are putting the ABA kestrel sticker on your bins or scope, consider stopping in at the post office, purchasing a duck stamp, and putting it on the other barrel. Until we have a migratory bird stamp to show our use of and support for our wildlife refuges, it is a means of supporting refuges, even if non game birds are a secondary consideration.

    2) Save your stamps! If ABA chooses a new bird each year, we are talking most of a millennium until they repeat. Those first stamps will be collector’s items, or perhaps of historical/ archeological significance! As you might guess, I’m betting on th e long-term viability of ABA.

  • Dear Jeff,

    Please ask BNA to add the American Kestrel account to the “freebies” available to non-subscribers.

  • Jim Marcum

    How about a decal of the larger version of the Kestrel shown on the Bird of the Year page? This could be put on our cars for even more visability for the ABA.

  • Jeff and ABA Staff,

    At last! Arriving today via USPS my much anticipated Mar 2011 Birding issue. I am not disappointed. Have already affixed the sticker to the rain/food guard of my binos. And the Mar Birding cover is to die for. Keep up the great work in putting the ABA’s ‘best wing’ forward.

    And special thanks for taking the time to note that the 2011 BoY is not sipplanting the ABA logobird. Very thoughtful on you and your staffs part.

    Arnie Hauswald
    Houston, Texas
    ABA Member

  • Is there any way for a non-member Kestrel enthusiast to get a sticker? I’d really love one.

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