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I and the Bird #147


As you might surmise, I spend an inordinate amount of time every day thinking about both birding and blogging. Perhaps we're alike in that. Where we may differ substantially, however, is that those thoughts are often crowded out by more pressing considerations of the fine art of SAT and ACT instruction. As the owner of what has been called (by mewestern New York's leading test prep organization, I have to meticulously analyze every aspect of these crucial college entrance exams. In fact, since this is such a busy season for us, the only way I can spare the mental bandwidth to indulge in bird blogging at all is to somehow incorporate test prep. Consequently, I give you the IATB SAT

The SAT undoubtedly deserves the title of America's most terrifying test. But like anything else we're afraid of, the exam becomes a lot more manageable once you're armed with knowledge and strategy. For example, one of the iconic SAT question types was the classic Analogy:


(A)  eagle : hidden
(B)  warbler : yellow
(C)  bunting : up-close
(D)  plover : piping
(E)  gyrfalcon : cool

Think you know the answer? Check your work and the rest of my IATB SAT presentation of I and the Bird #147!

If you have all the answers when it comes to birding or wild birds, why not contribute to the next I and the Bird? Lucky us, we’re headed to India with our hostess with the mostess, Ambika Chandrasekar of Madras Ramblings. Please send a link to your best recent blog post about birding or wild birds to me (mike AT 10000birds DOT com) or Ambika (ambikach2002 AT by 4/12 for the 4/14 edition.


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Mike Bergin

Mike Bergin

Mike Bergin, based out of Rochester, NY, is a leading authority in the field of standardized test preparation, but what he really aspires to be is a naturalist. Mike is notorious for various reasons, but you probably know him as the founder of 10,000 Birds, Nature Blog Network, and I and the Bird.
Mike Bergin

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