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Show Your Colors!!! [email protected] is Now Open!


It's been quite a while since a good selection of ABA logo wear has been available and we've had many requests to bring it back. We've also heard a lot of suggestions that perhaps we ought to consider some more vibrant colors, as well as styles more friendly and flattering to women.

Thanks to the hard work and persistence of a bunch of folks here, especially Bryan Patrick and David Hartley, you can now [email protected]. Starting immediately, you can pick from a nice variety of clothing for men, women, and juniors, as well as a selection of accessories including binocular straps and life list pins.

This is not a replacement for ABA Sales. You can still buy great books, optics, and coffee from our partners at Buteo Books, Eagle Optics, and Thanksgiving Coffee. In fact, we very much hope you will, being sure to mention that you're an ABA member. But we wanted to offer you a way to buy ABA-branded clothing and gear directly from us.

I can say from first-hand experience that the clothes are high-quality and easy to wear. I had a blast getting members of the staff, their families, and other friends of the ABA to model the clothes. I took pretty much all the photos, except the one of me in the Grosbeak Blue shirt, which Liz shot next door at the Garden of the Gods.

We've been testing the new web store since Thursday and it seems to be working like a charm. If you encounter any issues or something strikes you as confusing or out of place, let me or David Hartley know, or just leave a comment below. Or, if you're completely wowed, you could let us know that, too.

What we have now is just a preliminary selection. We'll be adding cooler weather items before long. And we're always happy to have your suggestions of colors and styles we ought to consider stocking.

I'll close with a copy of the ad that our designer, Ed Rother, put together for the July issue of Birding. We didn't have the web store up when that went to press, and just to be extra cautious we didn't include a URL on it. But if you click on the ad, it'll take you right to the web store. You'll also see that you can order directly from First Lady Liz at 800-850-2473 xt 232.

We hope you'll like this new store as much as we do. Let's show those colors!

ABA Sales half-page ad

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Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon is the president of the American Birding Association. There's very little about birds, birding, and birders that he doesn't find fascinating, though he's especially interested in birding culture and the many ways we all communicate our passion for birds, including this Blog.