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American Kestrel 001One of my goals as coordinator for the ABA Bird of the Year program is to tap into the strength and creativity of our membership with grassroots efforts. There are opportunities out there just waiting for us to educate and inform the public. Simple things we can do to reach out and extend our circle of influence and invite others to join us in the wonderful world of birding.

Here is one way to celebrate the American Kestrel; a way in which we can all participate:
Using the information on the ABA Bird of the Year webpage, write a brief article that you can submit to your local newspaper or a local magazine about the American Kestrel. Enhance it with your personal experiences with this awesome bird. If you have Kestrel photos or artwork, consider providing it to them to publish too. Use your local birding knowledge to share places where folks can see an American Kestrel for themselves.
Often local editors or publishers beg for articles like this. We invite you to mention your membership in the American Birding Association and perhaps include a link to the ABA Bird of the Year website where people can learn more.
When your local periodical publishes your article, please email us with links to online versions if available and we'll share those links. If no online format exists, please send us a copy of your article by email. We want to acknowledge our members who go the extra mile as ABA advocates.
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Robert Mortensen

Robert Mortensen

Robert is most widely known as the host of, a multi-author blog sharing enthusiasm for birds and birding. He is also the ABA's Bird of the Year program coordinator. Robert began birding in the summer of 2004 when his father-in-law handed him a pair of binoculars to go on a Sunday afternoon walk at Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge in Idaho. Birding was an instant addiction. Married to Jessica since 1999, they have four children that keep them hopping. They live in Bountiful, Utah adjacent to spectacular birding at parks and refuges on the eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. Robert earned his degree in Construction Management from Brigham Young University and somehow fits his construction career around his birding. He is a "well-rounded nerd" who enjoys adventures with his family, serving in his church and Boy Scouts of America, family history, music, and an avid college football fan. Robert plays clarinet and saxophone and enjoys singing too. For question about the Bird of the Year program, you can reach Robert at [email protected]
Robert Mortensen

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