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    The ABA’s new home!

    Old news to those of you following ABA prez Jeff Gordon’s Facebook feed, but the American Birding Association has recently departed from the sterile, corporate office park environment where it spent the past several years and into new, homier, birdier, and cheaper digs elsewhere in Colorado Springs.

    ABA new home 2


    The move was made official just this week when the office furniture finally made it over from the old offices.  In the finest birding tradition of friendliness and willingness to share our passion, first lady Liz Gordon and Membership Coordinator LeAnne Pilger attempt to sell the moving company crew on the wonders of Colorado’s birdlife and the advantages of an ABA membership (right?). In any case, the front porch certainly looks like an inviting place to make that argument.

    ABA new home 3


    And the move is already paying dividends!  According to Liz, one of the very first visitors to the new office was a lapsed member from the neighborhood who visited to re-up and volunteer some time to the organization.  If you’re the kind of person who looks for signs, it’s hard not to take that as an indication that this new location is going to be a very positive development for the ABA!

    If nothing else, we’ve certainly got a place to hang our flag.

    ABA new home 1

    Liz, Communications Director David Hartley, and his daughter break in the front porch.

    The new street address is:

    1618 W Colorado Ave

    Colorado Springs, CO 80904

    Drop us a line!

    all photos by Jeffrey Gordon

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    Nate Swick

    Nate Swick

    Nate Swick is the editor of the American Birding Association Blog. A long-time member of the bird blogosphere, Nate has been writing about birds and birding at The Drinking Bird since 2007, but can also be found writing regularly at 10,000 Birds. In the non-digital world, he's an environmental educator and interpretive naturalist. Nate lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with his wife, Danielle, and two young children, who are not yet aware that they are being groomed to be birders.
    Nate Swick

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    • http://profile.typepad.com/rickwright Rick Wright

      Did we buy this or are we renting it?
      Does this mean the end of the dream as far as moving the ABA to a birding hotspot? I know that a fair bit of money was spent to check out Tucson a few years ago; what came of that?

    • http://profile.typepad.com/jeffgyr Jeff Gordon

      Hi Rick,

      Thanks for asking these questions.

      We’re renting the new place; it’s a one year lease.

      The idea of moving the office to a birding hotspot is still very much alive, but I have a couple of caveats. One, I think you have to stabilize a patient before moving him or her. The ABA’s prospects are looking up in almost every area, but I think that a cross-country relocation would be needlessly disruptive right now. We still have to consolidate and extend our gains, as I see it.

      Two, a birding hotspot location is definitely on my, “nice to have,” list, but not, “need to have.” I would LOVE it if the ABA could have its own version of Sapsucker Woods. But I think that’s on the 10 to 15 year horizon, not 1 to 2.

      Three, I’m keenly aware of the symbolic importance of a headquarters, one reason we’re talking about the move in fora like this one. But I wonder if the notion isn’t more 20th century than 21st. I think one of the ABA’s charges is to be e v e r y w h e r e in North America and that’s a tall order, even for a much larger organization. One way we’ve been working toward this goal is by bringing on a lot of part time staff who live all over, (many of whom do really excellent work for stipend wages) and help us have many footprints in many communities.

      ABA’s old model was very top-heavy and centralized, in my opinion. We’re trying to build a network with lots of nodes. And an emphasis on birders interacting in the field and online, not visiting shiny new buildings.

      I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t establish a field office or two (perhaps open seasonally) in key birding spots in the near term. And of course, good birding is only part of the equation. We should also have a presence near population centers and near active philanthropic communities.

      So my thought is to build that web and worry a little less about exactly where the spider hangs out at any given time, if I can overextend a potentially unflattering (for me) metaphor.

      As to relocation to Tucson or elsewhere, I understand that there were preliminary investigations begun into relocating to a couple of sites in 2009 or 10, but I don’t think much money was spent on that. And looking through old files in preparing for our move, I came across a number of proposals, some generated in house, some by areas trying to entice us, to move ABA’s main office.

      So it’s something that has been and will be on the radar. And if you know of a site that would fit the bill, please let us know!

    • http://profile.typepad.com/rickwright Rick Wright

      Thanks for the response, Jeff!

    • Eugene Zielinski

      I’d be interested to see a photo of the old ABA headquarters in this thread.

    • http://profile.typepad.com/jeffgyr Jeff Gordon

      Hi Eugene!

      You should be able to see a photo of the old office here:


      We formerly occupied the second floor. This is only one of several locations the ABA has occupied in Colorado Springs.



    • http://www.wordsonbirds.com Jeff Reiter, Glen Ellyn, IL

      Jeff, Liz and staff,
      Congrats on the move and can’t wait to see how you “birdscape” the front yard! Seriously, thanks for saving the ABA a few bucks by moving the office. Good decision. Keep up the good work and progress. Wish I could be in Titusville this weekend.

    • http://www.burdzbuttz.blogspot.com Dave Lewis

      Cool new pad guys! But where’s the snow I heard about out there?

    • http://profile.typepad.com/jeffgyr Jeff Gordon

      I wish you could have been there, too. It was a lot of fun. And the weather was very mild and pleasant. Sometimes there’s a cold snap, but not this year.

    • elaine

      Ineffable Gordon will always be the best

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