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Open Mic: Osprey – The Motion Picture

At the Mic: Jacob Steinberg

Jacob, of New York, New York, studied digital filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. Since 2006, he has worked as a guide and educational instructor in Peru, teaching and documenting a variety of subject matters including wildlife conservation, indigenous culture, and natural history.


I am pleased to present “Osprey,” a new groundbreaking natural history film celebrating the world-famous raptor. The documentary, now in development for the last three years, offers a unique and extraordinary glimpse into the intimate lives of these majestic creatures.

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Based in a small suburban inlet of the Long Island Sound, the film follows a life-long pair as they return from their long migration to rebuild their nest, defend their territory, and raise a new clutch of young.

I’m the filmmaker, but I’m also a naturalist and ornithologist working in Peru. I hope my unique experience and insight will shine through in this project and my love and passion for the birds is evident in the work. Having been filming already for several years, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of the birds and their behaviors, enabling me to capture the most intimate aspects of the Ospreys’ lives and convey their miraculous story in its entirety.  What has resulted is over a hundred hours of footage and what I feel is the most intimate and compelling portrayal of the species ever recorded.

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I’ve recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to finish the film on Kickstarter, an online platform for funding creative projects where rewards are given in exchange for pledged support. The project offers incredible rewards for all pledge amounts, ranging from DVD/Blu-ray combos, to VIP film festival passes, even an all-inclusive trip to Peru. Credits in the film, and opportunities to spend time on set and assist in production are offered for those who want to be more involved. For those looking to get involved in a documentary project featuring dozens of our beloved bird species, or to support interesting projects of merit, there has never been a better time.

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For more information about the production or to contact me, please visit Osprey’s official website:,

For more about its Kickstarter campaign please visit:

The trailer for the movie is below


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