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    Birding, Jan-Feb-2013, UNCORRECTED Round 4 proofs, 01-CoverThe January/February 2013 issue of Birding has gone to press. ABA members, watch your mailboxes! Content in the Jan./Feb. issue includes: feature articles on Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Amar Ayyash), Common Black-Hawks (Charles Babbitt), and young birder clubs (Chad Williams); regular columns by Diana Doyle, Amy Davis, Rick Wright, Tom Johnson, and Noah Strycker; lively letters to the editor and a spirited “Birding Interview”; an extravagant Bird of the Year rollout (including your 2013 stickers); and, more than ever before, extensive online content.

    It’s that last item—online content—I’m writing about right now.

    In between your hopeful visits to the mailbox, could you do me a favor? Would you be so kind as to check out  all the content in the most-recent (November 2012) issue of Birding? We’ve tweaked a few things, improved functionality, and even, ahem, fixed a typo or two. If you haven’t checked out Nov. 2012 online  content since, well, early December, then you’ve missed these updates and improvements.

    Click here for all the online content in the November 2012 issue of Birding.

    On the one hand, we’re exceedingly pleased with the tremendous recent expansion of online offerings for Birding magazine. Online content for the Nov. 2012 issue includes everything from audio of Evening Grosbeaks (Aaron Haiman) and nocturnal flight calls (Andrew Farnsworth) to full-length feature articles (Rosemary Kramer) to comprehensive book reviews (multiple writers) to extensive and intensive interactive discussion (you!) about birding, Birding, and the ABA.

    On the other hand, we harbor no illusions of, or even pretensions to, perfection. But that’s not going to stop us from endeavoring to make our online content even stronger. David Hartley, Nate Swick, Rick Wright, Ed Rother, and I hope that online content for 2013, starting with the imminent Jan./Feb. 2013 issue, surpasses what we offered in 2012.

    Back to that favor: Would you go back to the online content for the Nov. 2012 issue, and give us your feedback? That’s what the comments section, below, is for. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Birding is a members’ magazine. We take very seriously the input of our members.

    With regard to online content for Birding, the horse is out of the barn. There’s no going back. But there’s plenty more to be done. Please, please, please: Help us all to make our Birding magazine better than ever. I look forward to hearing from you. Check out all the online content for the Nov. 2012 issue, and let us know what you think.

    You’ll make a difference.

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    Ted Floyd

    Ted Floyd

    Ted Floyd is the Editor of Birding magazine, and he is broadly involved in other programs and initiatives of the ABA. He is the author of more than 100 magazine and journal articles, and has written four recent books, including an ABA title, the ABA Guide to Birds of Colorado. Floyd is a frequent speaker at birding festivals and state ornithological society meetings, and he has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations. Mainly, he listens to birds at night.
    Ted Floyd

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    • Shelley Rutkin

      There is a broken link in the Birding Photo Quiz (Part 1). When I click on the photo (expecting to get a larger image), I get the following error.

      This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

      And, then when I try to Preview my comment, it disappears.

    • Ted Floyd

      Hi, Shelley.

      Two things.

      First, thank you for this sort of feedback! Seriously, folks. If any of you has problems with anything related to online Birding content, please tell us about it. Thanks again, Shelley.

      Second, I’m “disappointed” (not really…) to report that I cannot reproduce the error you’re getting. I checked both links (the photo that you mention, plus the in-text reference) for both the shorebird image and the gull image, and they work. And I checked with several browsers, and on two computers (Mac, PC). What browser are you using? Thanks!

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