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    Bird Books for Children

    Elementary school student Hannah Floyd reviews two new titles for children.

    A review by Hannah Floyd


    Song for Papa Crow

    by Marit Menzin

    Schiffer Publishing, 2012

    32 pages, $16.99–hardcover


    by Jamie Bastedo

    Red Deer Press, 2013

    245 pages, $12.95–softcover


    In Marit Menzin's Song for Papa Crow (2012), a young crow "learns to appreciate his voice." The author of our review, Hannah Floyd, is doing the very same thing as she makes her debut here as the youngest writer yet to be published in the pages of Birding. I think you will agree that this second-grader's voice is already an appreciable one, and it comes through loud, clear, and unmistakable in both her writing-as-intellectual-pursuit and her writing-as-physical-activity. To preserve for our readers the powerful and disappearing unity of word and script, and to show how easy this reviewer has made her editor's task, we present Hannah's review in her own words, her own pictures, and her own hand.

    - Rick Wright, Book Review Editor

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    I can't imagine why anyone would want to, but you can click here to read the very lightly edited transcript of the review.


    Recommended citation:

    Floyd, H. 2013. Bird Books for Children [a review of Song for Papa Crow, by Marit Menzin, and Nighthawk!, by Jamie Bastedo]. Birding 45(3):68.

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    Birding Book Reviews

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    • Frank Izaguirre

      More genuinely critical than many book reviews I’ve read. Well balanced.

    • http://profile.typepad.com/davidpuma David La Puma

      Way to go Hannah!
      Your review convinced me that Corinna Wren will enjoy Nighthawk! as she’s really into chapter books now and loves a good adventure. I think your dad should take you out for ice cream at least once a week.

      Keep up the great writing, reading and birding!

    • http://queensgirl30.wordpress.com/ Donna Schulman

      Excellent review, Hannah. Detailed, balanced, constructive analysis of text, images, and format. I particularly admire your knowledge of music and how you connect that with bird song in your life and in the books. Welcome to the ranks of birding book reviewers!

    • http://twilberding.zenfolio.com/ Tom Wilberding

      Congrats, Hannah! Great job–you have a keen eye for reading, writing, drawing, and reviewing. I bought my granddaughter “The Blues Go Birding” but she can’t read yet. One of these days.

    • http://profile.typepad.com/schmoker Bill Schmoker

      Thanks for the reviews, Hannah! I think I’ll get a copy of Nighthawk! for Garrett to read. Like Corinna Wren, he’s getting into chapter books and I’ll bet he’d like this one based on your review.

      See you out in the field soon, I hope!

    • Seth and Will Gallagher

      Great Job Hannah!

    • http://birdingcraft.com/wordpress Pat ODonnell

      Thanks for reviewing those books! Great insight into bird books for kids and gives me ideas on what books to get for my 4 year old daughter. I also have to mention that of all the book reviews I have seen, this was by far, my favorite.

    • Linda Groat

      Thanks for your great reviews, Hannah! It makes me want to go read those books, even though my kids are grown up. I wonder if you would enjoy writing storybooks about birds…?

    • Tom Leskiw

      Nice job, Hannah!
      Thanks for giving us an insider’s view of children’s books.

    • http://www.unfeatheredbird.com Katrina van Grouw

      Beautifully written reviews! And very nicely illustrated, too – definitely worth seeing in their original form. If you ever write a review of The Unfeathered Bird please let me know.

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