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    “The New ABA.” Are YOU Ready to Say It?

    “The New ABA”! Are we there? Is there still ground to make up? Do we even need a new ABA? President Jeff Gordon wants to hear your thoughts.

    466551_10150855373086613_1222976623_o (1)I framed my “Birding Together” column in the March/April issue of Birding with a joking allusion to the difficulty people often have in uttering those three little words: “I love you.”

    But the three word phrase that I was finally ready to utter, though not without some lingering trepidation, was, “the new ABA.” As I noted in the piece, that’s a phrase that I’ve often heard bandied about, but avoided using myself. Until now.

    You can read the whole column here. As usual, it’s well under 1000 words, and so just about average ABA blog post length.


    Birding Together 13-2 grab

    My question for you is this: are you ready to say that we have a new ABA? Or do you think we’ve still got more ground to make up before we justifiably make that claim? Maybe you think the whole idea is superfluous or flawed, that there’s no need for a new ABA, just an ABA for today? Perhaps you think that, as some do, that our goal should be an “old ABA,” a return to some earlier era? If that’s your belief, what are the key hallmarks of that era?

    Let us know in the comments.

    Also, the audit for 2012, mentioned in the column, is now available as a PDF on our website.

    Whatever your thoughts about the ABA old or new, thank you for your support and for your contributions to the birding community.

    Good birding,



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    Jeff Gordon

    Jeff Gordon

    Jeff Gordon is the president of the American Birding Association. There's very little about birds, birding, and birders that he doesn't find fascinating, though he's especially interested in birding culture and the many ways we all communicate our passion for birds, including this Blog.
    • Joe Birder

      So, from the financial statement you reference, the CPA firm states on page 12, item J., that the association has a deficiency of net assets of $57,362 as of December 21, 2012. Page 5 seems to reflects a cash flow loss of around $50k. I guess I don’t see how you read this as the ABA being “in the black”?

    • Will Raup

      @ Joe Birder: In 2012 the ABA was in the Black and by a good amount, but even being significantly in the black, didn’t not wipe out all of its long term debt (although it took a good chunk of it). This isn’t a “cash flow” problem, its a debt problem, that even if the ABA has half as good of year in 2013 as it did in 2012, the ABA will be debt free (not exactly, but essentially). Eliminating long term debt will hit your actual cash on hand, but puts the organization on better footing moving forward.

    • Joel Haas


      I admire and respect your column on the “NEW ABA”. You will bet numerous comments (as above) on cash flow. Unread are your comments on dealing with this.

      The rise in membership bespeaks the enthusiasm for your new approach. The old ways pass.

      The recent rallies have served your points. Folks loved them. I hope someday, however, for the old yearly or bi-annual conferences. How else could I ever go birding with David Sibley or have Noah Stryker wipe fire-ants from my foot engaged in a photo.

      You are doing more than very well. Please keep it up.

      Joel Haas

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