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    A Praiseworthy Publishing Precedent


    So a really substantial new bird book recently came out that I hope you’ve heard of- The Warbler Guide by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle.  I’ll leave the discussion of the text itself to our ace Book Review Team, but I wanted to mention some seriously cool online resources associated with the guide.

    In a pretty cool move the authors have created a companion website with all kinds of good stuff beyond the contents of the hefty volume.  Of particular interest under my typical themes of photography, gear, and things digital, are the following nuggets:

    1. Under the Articles Tab, check out the most informative Using Flash to Photograph Birds Part 1: Flash as a Primary Light Source.  There is also a promised follow-up entitled Using Flash to Photograph Birds Part 2: Fill Flashbut the link isn’t live yet.  (And the other 8 articles gathered there are well worth browsing.)
    2. Under the Gear Tab you’ll find lots of good info on DSLR rigs suitable (though Canon-centric) for bird photography, rigs to record bird vocalization on your iPhone, and a list of recommended mobile birding apps.  It is always interesting to see what other folks put on their must-have app list!
    3. Princeton University Press has provided a really magnus set of free downloadable quick finders for the guide.  These color jpeg or pdf index pages (your choice) let you customize how you use the book.  Options include indexes organized by Faces, 45° view (looking up and sideways, as birds are often seen), Side (full profile), Undertails (such a great idea!!), Underview (whole bird from straight underneath), East Fall and East Spring, and Western.  Folks planning heavy use might want to print them on photo paper (the color images will look better that way) and get them laminated.
    4. Finally, The Macaulay Library has made the Warbler Guide Song and Call Companion available for download for $5.99.  From Macaulay:

    This companion file set for the book contains all of the vocalizations covered by the book, over 1,000 files, presented in the exact page-by-page order as they occur in the text. All of the songs and calls of each master species, as well as the comparison species, are presented in book order. All vocalizations in the Song and Chip and Flight Call Finders are included as are the examples in the chapters “Understanding Sonograms”, “How To Listen To Warbler Songs”, and “Learning Chip and Flight Calls”.


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    Bill Schmoker

    Bill is known in the birding community as a leading digital photographer of birds. Since 2001 he has built a collection of digital bird photos documenting over 640 species of North American birds. His photography has appeared in international nature publications, books, newspapers, interpretive signs, web pages, advertisements, corporate logos, and as references for art works. Also a published writer, Bill wrote a chapter for Good Birders Don't Wear White, is a past Colorado/Wyoming regional editor for North American Birds and is proud to be on the Leica Birding Team. Bill is a Colorado eBird reviewer and is especially fond of his involvement with the ABA's Institute for Field Ornithology and Young Birder Programs. Bill is a popular birding guide, speaker, and workshop instructor, and teaches middle school science in Boulder, Colorado. When he isn’t birding he enjoys family time with his wife and son.

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