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Your turn: Birding at Sea, a Pelagic Primer

NewCptPeteWhether you don’t know what a pelagic is or have been on one a dozen times, I’m sure you will find something worthwhile in Debi Shearwater‘s article in the recent issue of A Birder’s Guide to Travel. “Birding at Sea: a Pelagic Primer” goes through the basics, from what a pelagic is (a boat-based trip out to sea) and why you should want to go on one, to what you should take with you to make the experience as positive as possible. There are lots of considerations we landlubbers could never fathom, but Debi has been running pelagic trips across the world for close to 40 years, so we’d all be wise to pay attention. (The photo above is of Debi’s most recent trip–on 30 Sep.–out of Half Moon Bay, California.) Remember, you can read this article and all others in Birder’s Guide online for free!

Do you have tips that Debi didn’t mention? Or a pelagic birding experience you’d like to share? Please share with us in the comment section, below.

Also be sure to check out the revised Pelagic Directory. A handful of trips out of southern California were inadvertently left out. This autumn has been the best in a decade or more for Craveri’s Murrelet, so be sure to check out the directory and reserve a spot now if the murrelet is an unchecked box on your ABA list!

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Michael Retter
Michael L. P. Retter is the editor of the ABA's newest magazine, Birder's Guide. He also wears his ABA cap while working as a Technical Reviewer for Birding magazine. When not at home, Michael is often leading tours in Middle America (Mexico through Panama). He currently lives with his fiancé, Matt, in Fort Worth, Texas. In his fleeting free time there, he pursues interests in horticulture (especially orchids), music, cooking, and numismatics. Michael also runs GBNA, the continent's informal club and email list for LGBT birders.
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