New Photo Quiz: November/December 2013 Birding

Photo Quiz time!

Here are the New Photo Quiz images in the November/December 2013 issue of Birding magazine.

Birds are marvelously complex, and no bird species ought to be reduced to a single field mark. Which is a clue to this photo quiz…

Each of our quiz birds is posed in such a way that you cannot see a key field mark, perhaps the key field mark. Please tell us (1) what key field mark is obscured or invisible, and (2) how you identified the bird anyhow.

Here goes:

13-6-16-01 [Quiz Bird A]

Quiz Bird A

13-6-16-02 [Quiz Bird B]

Quiz Bird B

13-6-16-03 [Quiz Bird C]

Quiz Bird C

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Ted Floyd

Ted Floyd

Editor, Birding magazine at American Birding Association
Ted Floyd is the longtime Editor of Birding magazine, and he is broadly involved in other programs and initiatives with the ABA. Ted has written 200+ magazine articles and 5 books, including How to Know the Birds (National Geographic, 2019). He is a frequent speaker at birding festivals and has served on several nonprofit boards. Join Ted at The ABA Blog for his semimonthly spot, “How to Know the Birds,” celebrating common birds and the uncommonly interesting things they do.