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Your turn: Check-list Redux, v. 2013


The annual AOU Check-list changes are eagerly awaited–and inevitably reviled–by large numbers of birders. Formerly found in Birding but now appearing in Birder’s Guide to Listing and Taxonomy, the ABA’s “Check-list Supplement Redux” aims to explain the latest changes to you as simply as possible, and to offer pertinent related information.

For example, Sage Sparrow was split this year (into Sagebrush and Bell’s sparrows). Many birders want to know how to identify them, where to see them, and which they’ve already seen. I hope you’ll find all the answers you desire in this year’s installment. If you didn’t, be sure to ask questions in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer them or to point you to a source that can.

And if you’d like information on the changes that didn’t affect the ABA Area (i.e., that affect Middle America and the West Indies), check out the earlier ABA Blog post on this topic.

Check-list Redux

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Michael Retter
Michael L. P. Retter is the editor of the ABA's newest magazine, Birder's Guide. He also wears his ABA cap while working as a Technical Reviewer for Birding magazine. When not at home, Michael is often leading tours in Middle America (Mexico through Panama). He currently lives with his fiancé, Matt, in Fort Worth, Texas. In his fleeting free time there, he pursues interests in horticulture (especially orchids), music, cooking, and numismatics. Michael also runs GBNA, the continent's informal club and email list for LGBT birders.
  • Cliff Hawley

    Bring on the splits. I am ready for Myrtle and Audubon’s Warblers, 4 Fox Sparrows and at least 3 nuthatches!

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