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ABA Checklist Committee adds Common Redstart to ABA Checklist

Earlier this week, the ABA Checklist Committee (CLC) unanimously (8–0) accepted the Common Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) as a natural vagrant based a record from St. Paul Island, Pribilofs, Alaska, on 8–9 October 2013 (Schuette and Gochfeld in prep.). The hatch-year bird was thought to represent the nominate subspecies. Common Redstart breeds from western Europe and northern Africa to central Russia; it winters in central Africa. The Common Redstart is species #987 on the ABA Checklist, an increase of six species since the CLC’s most recent published annual report (Pranty et al. 2013).

First ABA-area record of Common Redstart, one of Neil's 3 provisional species. Photo by Doug Gochfeld.

First ABA-area record of Common Redstart. Photo by Doug Gochfeld

Literature Cited

Pranty, B., J. L. Dunn, K. L. Garrett, D. D. Gibson, M. J. Iliff, M. W. Lockwood, R. Pittaway, and D. A. Sibley. 2013. 24th report of the ABA Checklist Committee, 2013. Birding 45(6):30–37, 75–79.

Schuette, S. and D. Gochfeld. In prep. First North American record of Common Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) from St. Paul Island, Alaska.

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Bill Pranty

Bill Pranty

Bill Pranty has lived and birded in central Florida for more than 35 years. Pranty’s studies emphasize the documentation of Florida’s diverse avifauna, with a focus on its exotic species. His research has added four species to the ABA Checklist—Egyptian Goose, Purple Swamphen, Nanday Parakeet, and Common Myna—all of them exotics from Florida. Pranty is chairman of the ABA Checklist Committee, and a technical reviewer for and frequent contributor to Birding magazine. He has written dozens of peer-reviewed ornithological papers and is the author or co-author of six books, among these a Birder's Guide to Florida, the ABA Checklist, and the ABA Field Guide to Birds of Florida.
  • Anon

    I propose a contest: When the aba list hits 990, the ABA should launch a large online contest to [a] Guess the date of arrival of bird #1000 for the ABA checklist, and [b] Name the 10 new birds added to the list between 990 and 1000. Splits count [don’t know what we do with lumps]. Arrival date of the bird matters, not when the ABA approves it. Obviously, the results of the contest would wait for the ABA’s announcement of the additions to the list – a while after the actual sighting[s] — but it would still be interesting and fun to watch it all unfold.

    After a few new birds, there could be an update with a ‘leader’s board’ of all those who are guessing correctly……

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