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Make Birders Count: Buy Your Duck Stamp Through the ABA in 2015

Last year, we at the ABA made the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, known far and wide as the Duck Stamp, available through our own store. We hoped this would give birders an opportunity to vote, as it were, for how they want their voices to be heard as consumers of Wildlife Refuges in the US. With little fanfare, and an even smaller marketing budget, we managed to sell well over 1000 stamps (1041 to be exact, or about 8.6% of our membership) thereby raising more than $15,600 for habitat conservation. And most importantly, that was entirely from birders.

There’s no reason to think we can’t better that in 2015, and not just because the cost of a Duck Stamp increased to $25. Though that will undoubtedly help.

It cannot be denied that the Duck Stamp is a wonderfully effective conservation program. It also cannot be denied that many birders have been hesitant to go all-in on this conservation tool for understandable reasons. Some birders find waterfowl hunting distasteful and don’t want to feel as though they’re supporting it. But mostly, it is the concern that the numbers of non-consumptive users of National Wildlife Refuges are not tallied, and the true support of birders for habitat and bird conservation is not accurately assessed.

Duck Stamp

We use refuges, too. We are proud to support them. We want a seat at the table, too, alongside our friends in the hunting community because in the end, our common goals of habitat protection and healthy bird populations far outweigh the little that divides us.

This is not a fund-raiser for the ABA. We are not seeking to make any money doing this. What we want from this effort is an accounting of birders, not just in numbers but in dollars and cents. And we know from countless members and friends that this is what birders want, too.

Duck Stamps officially go on sale TODAY, and once again you can purchase at our shop. Don’t just feel like you need to stop at one, either. Duck stamps make fantastic gifts for birders, young and old. You can use them as birthday or holiday gifts or bird clubs can sell them during their monthly meetings. Consider them for end-of-year appreciation gifts for bird club field trip leaders or awards for birders who go above and beyond. The possibilities are nearly endless.

We hope that you will help us. In doing so, you will not only help the birds that use National Wildlife Refuges, but we birders who care to have a voice about them.

So purchase a Duck Stamp through the ABA. Be counted.

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Nate Swick

Nate Swick

Editor, Social Media Manager at American Birding Association
Nate Swick is the editor of the American Birding Association Blog, social media manager for the ABA, and the host of the American Birding Podcast. He lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with his wife, Danielle, and two young children. He is the author of Birding for the Curious and The ABA Field Guide to Birds of the Carolinas.
Nate Swick

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  • Birder Beegle

    Hi Nate, I sent out a message to ALL 750+ members of Wake Audubon Environmental and Birdwatching Meetup about this blog on October 4, 2015. And, I bought my 2015 (Ruddy) Duck Stamp this morning via the ABA site (along with a nifty plastic holder so that I can carry it with me when I bird).
    I bought the (Canvasback) Duck Stamp last year, via the USPS. Which is fine, but it doesn’t show that I am a BIRDER who is willing to “put their wallet where their binoculars are!” I agree with you: the best place to buy is via the ABA site, – Erla Beegle, of Raleigh, NC (Find us on Wake Audubon Meetup: )

    • I agree Birder Beegle, the best place to buy a Duck Stamp is the ABA. Unfortunately, the folks at the Duck Stamp Office have no idea that you are a birder. You may be a philatelist, a birder, a wildlife photographer or even a hunter! They have no way of knowing because they don’t keep any records of Duck Stamp purchaser’s affiliations. They won’t even know that you bought your stamp from the ABA. For all the Duck Stamp Office knows, you could have bought your stamp at Cabela’s. I appreciate your good intentions in buying from the ABA but until the Duck Stamp Office creates a system which keeps track of purchasers as consumptive users (hunters) and non-consumptive users (everyone else), you are simply a Duck Stamp purchaser that now has a waterfowl hunting license.

      • Marion Larson

        Correction you have a stamp not a waterfowl hunting license. The stamp allows a licensed hunter to hunt waterfowl.

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