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Photo Quiz: June 2016 Birding


Take a look at the front cover of Birding, vol. 3, no. 1 (January-February 1971):

Birding front

That was so long ago, humans evidently hadn’t yet invented art. Why, they were still using Roman numerals!

Now flip the magazine over, and check out the Table of Contents, printed on the back cover:

Birding back

Take a closer look:
Birding Jaeger

Even in the earliest days of the ABA, jaeger identification was a challenge. So it is nearly half a century later. Here is the “Featured Photo” in the June 2015 Birding:

15-3-15-01 [Pomarine Jaeger - main image]

Photo by © Tom Johnson.

Yep, this is a jaeger. It’s not a Flesh-footed Shearwater. It’s not a Herring Gull or a Heermann’s Gull. Neither is it a Hermann’s Gull or Heerman’s Gull. (And it’s certainly not a HEGU.) It’s a jaeger of some sort.

What sort?

And for a bonus, what’s notable about this jaeger, photographed off Santa Barbara County, California, November 2014?

Say, back to the January-February 1971 Birding, if I may. Here’s another close-up:


In case anybody thinks agitating for Hawaii is some new-fangled cause of the Johnny-come-lately millennials… This issue has been around as long as jaeger ID.

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Ted Floyd

Ted Floyd

Editor, Birding magazine at American Birding Association
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