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Who Can See a Toucan? You Can! — Free!

sendfriendsWho wants a free birding trip to Panama? Who wants a free birding trip to Trinidad & Tobago? Who wants a free world-class Zeiss Victory SF binocular?

It’s time to get your friends and extended family to join the ABA. There are just 4 months left in our membership recruitment contest. This is a separate contest from our monthly drawings. At the end of the year, the ABA is giving away three very attractive prizes to the three people who bring in the most members.

One prize is a 7-night stay for one at Canopy Tower in Panama, plus a $500 travel voucher. A second prize is a 5-night stay for two at the Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad & Tobago, plus a $500 travel voucher. A third prize is a brand new Zeiss Victory SF binocular. Each prize retails for around $3,000.

We are now at the end of August and here are the top three recruiters.

1st Place – 6 new members recruited (Sharon S.)
2nd Place – 5 new members recruited (Tracy W.)
3rd Place – 3 new members recruited (Raymond V.)

What do you think? Can you get more than 3 people to join our organization? When your friends join (you can send them here), they must tell us that you referred them, so we know to give you the credit.


Who can see a toucan? You can! The Channel-billed Toucan at Asa Wright in Trinidad & Tobago. Photo by Theo Ferguson on the Asa Wright website:


Why not see a motmot? The Rufous Motmot at Canopy Tower in Panama. Photo by Arthur Morris on the Canopy Tower website:

Why not see a motmot? The Rufous Motmot at Canopy Tower in Panama. Photo by Arthur Morris on the Canopy Tower website:



Zeiss is a leader in world-class optics and this top of the line Victory SF binocular can be yours FREE! Click here to learn more about the Victory SF.

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David Hartley

David Hartley

Membership Development at American Birding Association
David has been a member of the ABA staff since 2003. He plays an integral part in many facets of the organization, including membership services, database management, and web development. David has been birding for over 25 years, and loves working with the ABA to build the birding community and its conservation impact. He lives in Davis, CA with his daughter Mia.
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