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Help Stop Destruction of Key Birding Habitat at Assateague

Anyone who has birded the Assateague Island National Seashore knows that it is a fantastic place to bird year round. One of the great spots to bird is the Bayside Point area which is phenomenal during migration.

During spring and fall, tens of thousands of migrants are utilizing the woodland area between the parking area [read more…]

Blog Birding #148

Highlights from the week’s bird blogging on migration forecasts, packing gear, Ring-billed Gull variation, airport birding, and forays into new areas. [read more…]

The evolution of county listing

Inveterate county lister Drew Weber attempts to explain the rise of this phenomenon from sea to shining sea. [read more…]

Future tech

Drew Weber takes a look at the incredible pace of technology for, and appropriated by, birders. What tech-birding advancements are you looking forward to? [read more…]

Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
If you like birding, we want to hear from you.
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  • Steve Holzman, in #ABArare - Jabiru - Texas... { Although the message is garbled it looks like it was seen again this AM: Also, just saw this: Dan Walker Jabiru is at location... }
  • Rick Wright, in #ABArare - Jabiru - Texas... { I've dreamed of seeing that bird in the ABA area ever since I first heard its name. Good luck to the searchers! }
  • Diane Yorgason-Quinn, in In Praise of New Technologies... { I agree and carry a camera myself, BUT -- multitasking can lose you some birds. I've seen birds that better birders than I am missed... }
  • Greg Neise, in In Praise of New Technologies... { I am in agreement (as the article I wrote that you linked to is as well) ... but the point I tried to make then--and... }
  • Jared Clarke, in #ABArare - European Golden-Plover - New Jersey... { It's worth noting that there is NOT currently an accepted summer record for European Golden Plover in Newfoundland. Four "greater" golden plovers that have shown... }
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