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    ABA Events: Bayou Birding & Cajun Cuisine IFO Program

    The ABA’s Institute for Field Ornithology traces its origins back to 1983 and was created with the goal of offering novel opportunities for the study of birds. Our IFO programs combine field birding with an educational element to enrich your birding experience.

    Dan Lane of FIELD GUIDES demonstrates proper crawfish-eating strategy.

    From February 24th [read more…]

      On Stringing…

      (with apologies to “Pat Stringer”)

      Never identify a bird unless you’re 100% positive. At least that’s the way I learned it. Then, as I learned more I kinda had to unlearn that. We identify a lot of birds based simply on percentages. A distant flock of dark ibises are doubtlessly Glossy in the East, but [read more…]

        ABA Rally in Plymouth, Massachusetts – It was wicked birdy

        On a stunningly gorgeous day at Provincetown on Cape Cod, Marshall Iliff (pointing) directs our attention just after a sighting of a young male King Eider. (Photo © Jeff Gordon)

        The weather and the birding gods smiled on us for the 2014 ABA Birding Rally in Plymouth, Massachusetts. We had from the evening of [read more…]

          The 2013 Snowy Owl Invasion: It’s getting crazier by the minute

          Maybe you’ve heard…. There’s Snowy Owls around. A lot of them. They’re turning up on people’s houses, cars and tractors, all over the northeast and midwest. They’re getting into dust-ups with crows and Peregrines. It’s incredible! Check out the photo/video highlights below to enjoy some of the craziness thus far.

          And if you want to [read more…]

            THE TOP 10: Most Awesome Bird Names in the World

            Birds are indeed dynamic beasts, and certain species stand out by virtue of their intriguing names. And in some cases the names are more colorful than the birds themselves. What follows is a distinctly subjective take on the most awesome bird names of species from around the globe. Please let us know your favorites and [read more…]

              Last Chance for Early Bird Registration for Corpus Christi Convention!

              We just wanted to alert you that tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 15th) is the final day during which you can take advantage of the discounted early bird registration for the 2014 ABA Convention in Corpus Christi!

              The registration fee includes:

              lodging for the nights of April 22 through April 26 (check-out 27th, includes breakfast on 27th) [read more…]

                ABA Birding Rally in San Diego

                We’ve just wrapped the sold-out ABA Birding Rally in San Diego. The highlights were many. See below for field trip summaries, and check out our slideshow of the San Diego Rally. A huge thanks to Eagle Optics, Rockjumper: Worldwide Birding Adventures, and Leica Sport Optics, and to the Californians that helped out, especially Gary Nunn, [read more…]

                  THE TOP 10: ABA Area Birds to be Reincarnated As

                  We’ve all thought about it. When our day of reckoning comes to pass, let’s say we have the option of coming back as a species of bird… Which one would you choose? There are some pretty interesting makes and models to choose from. Below are a couple of choice options.

                  10. Turkey Vulture

                  One of [read more…]

                    Save the date! ABA South Africa Safari October 7-17, 2014

                    The ABA is partnering with Rockjumper Worldwide Birding Adventures and BirdLife South Africa to host a safari with visits to both Cape Town and Kruger National Park. [read more…]

                      ABA Convention! Corpus Christi, Texas from April 22-26, 2014

                      I’ve been managing ABA Events for just over a year now and the one question I am asked perhaps more than any other is: “When are we going to have another convention?”

                      Now I can happily say NEXT YEAR, in 2014! The convention will be held April 22-26, in Corpus Christi, Texas! It’ll be the [read more…]

                      Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
                      If you like birding, we want to hear from you.
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                        At the beginning of this year, I remembered missing the chance to spot a Snowy Owl when the bird stormed across the United States the previous winter, so I was determined to see one of these birds this winter. […]
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