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    Blog Birding #224

    Some birds are particularly suited to this time of year, with a number of strategies for surviving the lean month. At Cornell’s All About Birds, Victoria Campbell shares information about North America’s four nuthatches and how they manage.

    Winter is the perfect time to observe how nuthatches earned their common name, as they jam large [read more…]

      The Auk and The Condor, Expanding Access

      Big news in the bird academic publications front, as two venerable ornithological publications, The Condor and The Auk, have made most of the the last 15 years worth of issues available completely for free on their website. As pre-2000 articles are already freely available on the Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA), this means that the [read more…]

        Rare Bird Alert: February 27, 2015

        Once again, the east side of the continent is snow-bound while the west side is drying out. Neither are great conditions for birds or birders, but we’ve still managed to come through with some interesting birds this week, including a pair of Code 4s in Florida and likely first (and potential second) in Virginia.

        While [read more…]

          #ABArare – Black-faced Grassquit, Bananaquit – Florida

          With the forthcoming rearrangement of the family Thraupidae to exclude from the ABA Area all but the occasional wanderer or hyperlocal resident, it’s actually become something of a novelty to have to species of “tanagers” in the ABA Area at the same time, at at the same location as well.

          On February 22, Carl Goodrich [read more…]

            Wrapping Up the ABA’s Mid-Atlantic Bird Club Conference

            On February 7th, over fifty representatives from 21 bird clubs from New York to Virginia assembled at ABA Headquarters in Delaware City, Delaware for the first ever Mid-Atlantic Bird Club Conference (MABCC). The goal was to discuss the issues facing bird clubs today and to consider how we might meet these challenges and also strengthen [read more…]

              Blog Birding #223

              As the winter moves on, there’s a ton going on at Project SNOWStorm as they continue to add owls to their tracking study. Scott Weidensaul has more.

              Thursday night was a busy one around here — four of our newest cohort of owls checked in, as well as two of last winter’s returnees.

              Let’s start [read more…]

                Rare Bird Alert: February 20, 2015

                Another relatively slow week as far as new birds to the ABA Area. The fair weather in the west seemed to make for slow birding while the deep freeze in the east made for practically no birding. There are still several lingering birds, however, as both rarities in south Texas, the Gray-crowned Yellowthroat and the [read more…]

                  Birding in the News: Gull-frolic Edition

                  It’s not often that birding is taken seriously in the regular media, and we all know about the epidemic of “birders flock” and “for the birds” headlines in newspapers throughout the english-speaking world. It seems that puns are like catnip to the newspaper crowd, who seem wholly unaware of their pervasiveness.

                  So a nice, birding-positive, [read more…]

                    2015 AOU Check-list Proposals, Part 2

                    Here it is, the second document containing the proposed taxonomic updates to the AOU North American Check-list, which in turn are incorporated into the ABA Checklist. This batch contains 13 proposals that have been submitted in 2014, not all of which involve ABA-Area birds as the AOU’s North American jurisdiction includes Mexico and Central America [read more…]

                      Blog Birding #222

                      The great burden of birders is to constantly have to fight the common usage of “seagull” by our non birding friends and family. But few gulls deserve that kind of disrespect, and Carrie Laben, at 10,000 Birds, seeks to find the most interesting gull in the world.

                      My first instinct was that the rarest gull [read more…]

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