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Rare Bird Alert: July 3, 2015

It continues to be a good season for Little Egrets in the ABA Area, as birds in Maine, Ontario, and Quebec, all continue into the week. Other than that, and at least a couple red-letter birds, the week that was was a slow one in the way of rarities. Black-bellied Whistling Ducks continue to rampage [read more…]

Get Your Limited Edition 2015 Bird of the Year T-Shirts NOW

Its the high summer, and Green Herons across the continent are wrapping up breeding, sending their lanky, awkward, speckled youngsters out into the world. There’s not a better time of the year to find the ABA’s 2015 Bird of the Year, and you can find them just about anywhere. Including, perhaps, on your torso.

We’re [read more…]

#ABArare – White-throated Needletail – Alaska

The last couple weeks on St. Paul Island in Alaska’s Pribilofs have been very good ones, but the best bird of the season so far came yesterday when the TDX St. Paul Island Tours guys found an ABA Code 5 White-throated Needletail on the island. This is only the 6th record for the ABA Area [read more…]

Blog Birding #241

Truth told, our birding failures often out-number our birding successes by a large margin, so it’s a good thing there’s always something to learn from a nemesis, as Justine Hausheer shares at The Nature Conservancy’s Cool Green Science.

The only word running through my head isn’t fit for print. This was my one chance to [read more…]

Monitoring a Shearwater Die-off in the Bahamas and How You Can Help

Birders in the Bahamas have noticed a curious uptick in the numbers of shearwaters, mostly Great Shearwaters, found washed up in the beaches of the island nation. While wrecked seabirds are not unusual anywhere there is a beach, particularly at a time of year when young birds are learning the hard way how to survive [read more…]

Make Birders Count: Buy Your Duck Stamp Through the ABA in 2015

Last year, we at the ABA made the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, known far and wide as the Duck Stamp, available through our own store. We hoped this would give birders an opportunity to vote, as it were, for how they want their voices to be heard as consumers of Wildlife Refuges in [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: June 26, 2015

Continuing rarities in the ABA Area this week include Little Egrets in both Ontario and Maine. The Tufted Flycatchers nesting at Ramsey Canyon in southeast Arizona continue as well, with both individuals making appearences this week. The Flame-colored Tanagers, also at Ramsey, are still around as well, though not as easily seen as when they [read more…]

#ABArare – Steller’s Sea-Eagle – Alaska

From the wire comes a report of a subadult ABA Code 4 Steller’s Sea-Eagle found on Buldir Island yesterday afternoon. This dramatic species has been known in the ABA-Area a handful of times before, almost exclusively from the Aleutians, but also as far east as Alaska’s southeastern peninsula. This was the case for the most [read more…]

Think You Know Sharp-tailed Sparrows? Think Again

In 1995, the AOU formally split Sharp-tailed Sparrow into Nelson’s and Saltmarsh Sparrow based on differences in “song, morphology and habitat”. From the standpoint of birders, the split was pretty straight forward. the two species are mostly distinguishable in the field, Nelson’s with it’s buffy breast and Saltmarsh with its fine streaks (Saltmarsh is Streaky, [read more…]

Blog Birding #240

A recent Nazca Booby in southern California was widely described (even here) as the ABA Area’s 2nd, but there is another Nazca Booby that came before that few know about, and none saw. Adam Searcy at Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds gives the scoop.

As most of you know, the collective blood pressure of many Common [read more…]

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