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    #ABArare - Fea's Petrel - Massachusetts

    While on a whale-watching cruise out of Boston to Stellwagen Bank, off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Clifford Otto photographed a bird that he initially identified as an unusual shearwater, but in fact turned out to be a Fea’s Petrel. Pending acceptance, this is a first state record for Massachusetts, and one of only a few records [read more...]

      Biking for Birds into the Rockies

      Dorian Anderson’s Biking Big Year is well into the Rocky Mountain by now, and while the additions to his list are slowing down the degree of difficulty is increasing significantly as he puts in 1,000+ feet elevation gains with some regularity.

      He’s added some pretty tough species, including Gunnison Sage-Grouse…

      Before I realized it, [read more...]

        Blog Birding #192

        We’ve long thought that colorful birds have simple songs and dull birds have impressive songs, but recent research suggests that some birds in the tropics can in fact have both. Hugh Powell has the details at Cornell’s All About Birds blog.

        Animals have limited resources, and they have to spend those in order to develop [read more...]

          #ABArare – Bananaquit – Florida

          Yesterday afternoon (6/20), Nancy Price found and photographed an ABA Code 4 Bananaquit in at the West Tract of the Jupiter Dunes Natural Area in Palm Beach County, Florida.

          Photo by Nancy Price

          The street address for Jupiter Dunes is 14299 US Hwy 1, Juno Beach, Florida, and using that address should take you [read more...]

            Rare Bird Alert: June 20, 2014

            One first record for your state or province in one week is pretty impressive. Heck, for some well-traveled parts of the ABA Area, one new first per year is exceptional. This week, however, New Brunswick enjoyed two first provincial records, one sort of expected and one completely unexpected. We’ll start with the latter first.

            A [read more...]

              Make Birders Count: Buy Your Duck Stamp Through the ABA

              It cannot be denied that the Duck Stamp, formally called the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, is a wonderfully effective conservation program. It also cannot be denied that many birders have been hesitant to go all-in on this conservation tool for understandable reasons. Some birders find waterfowl hunting distasteful and don’t want to feel [read more...]

                Blog Birding #191

                We don’t often think a lot about how lengths and widths in field guides are determines. Steve Howell at the Traveling Trinovid blog explains why we should take them with a grain of salt, and suggests a better way.

                Related to “size” is a pet peeve of mine: virtually all field guides give just a [read more...]

                  #ABArare - Common (Siberian) Chiffchaff - Alaska

                  I mentioned this bird in last week’s Rare Bird Alert as one of the highlights of a good week in western Alaska. The report may be a little stale, but I figure the photos that have surfaced are good enough to give this very rare bird it’s own spotlight.

                  On June 9, a group of [read more...]

                    Climate Change and Migratory Birds: New Concerns

                    The vast majority of successful bird conservation projects in the world focus on habitat. Given appropriate habitat many bird populations have proven to be remarkably resilient in the face of disturbances, but without it the cliff grows ever closer for many. Migratory birds have it doubly bad, in that not only do they require habitat [read more...]

                      Rare Bird Alert: June 13, 2014

                      Once again, mid-June belongs to Alaska. The relatively late arrival of spring across North America may have something to do with the seemingly late peak for western Alaskan vagrants. Last year, following a relatively mild winter, we were seeing Asian strays as early as May 16, whereas this year things didn’t start heating up until [read more...]

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