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#ABArare – Common (Siberian) Chiffchaff – Alaska

More news from Alaska, where things are really starting to get exciting this week. At Gambell, Clarence Irrigoo found an ABA Code 5 “Siberian” Chiffchaff

Photo by Gary Rosenberg

Common Chiffchaff was first documented in the ABA Area in June 2012 in Gambell (though a bird from the previous fall was likely one as [read more…]

The American Birding Association and the American Birding Expo Need You

We’re only a month away from the opening of the brand new American Birding Expo in Columbus, Ohio, on October 2-4. We’re excited for the opportunity for all aspects of the broader North American birding community, from field birders to industry to non-profits, to come together to celebrate birding and to come together to provide [read more…]

#ABArare – Little Bunting, Dark-sided Flycatcher – Alaska

The birding in western Alaska is starting to get more interesting following a spate of Willow Warblers on St. Paul Island last week. Gambell checks in now with an ABA Code 4 Little Bunting found yesterday morning (8/31). This bird follows another exciting report of a Code 4 Dark-sided Flycatcher from inaccessible (to birders, at [read more…]

Blog Birding #241

Don Freiday, at Freiday Bird Blog, continues to be a great resource for those birders looking for unusual shorebirds this fall. This past week he took on Baird’s Sandpiper, with tips on how to pick this pointy, prairie specialty out on your local mudflat.

By far, most of the Baird’s Sandpipers we see on the [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 28, 2015

It’s getting exciting in the ABA Area this week, as passerine migration ramps up to combine with the shorebirds that have been on their way south for a few weeks now. We’re also starting to get our first reports from western Alaska, on the leading edge of what is predicted to be an exceptional El [read more…]

#ABArare – Willow Warbler – Alaska

Rarity season in western Alaska is here at last, and it’s the Pribilofs that throw down the first gauntlet with a Code 5 Willow Warbler on St. Paul. The bird was found in the vicinity of Polovina Hill on 8/22, but has not been seen since.

Photo by Cory Gregory, Used with permission

This [read more…]

Blog Birding #240

Splits and lumps in the birding world are always full of drama. At the Leica Birding Blog, Steve N.G. Howell calls out the AOU for what he sees as an inconsistent approach, and shows a better way forward.

I often hear puzzled birders bemoan AOU decisions, perceiving them as seemingly inconsistent and idiosyncratic: Baltimore and [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 21, 2015

Things are starting to pick up in the last week of August, as one would expect. This week saw a great array of species on both coasts as we head into the most exciting birding months of the year for rarity hunters. ABA Area notables continuing into this week include the Collared Plover (ABA Code [read more…]

Blog Birding #239

Is the internet good or bad for the science and art of bird identification? It’s a question that’s been asked many times since the advent of the listserv. Steve Tucker of Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds tackles it again in the face of the social media tsunami.

One of the best and worst things about all [read more…]

Buy Optics from Eagle Optics, Get a Discounted ABA Membership!

Our good friends at Eagle Optics are once again offering a fantastic deal for those interested in purchasing a new pair of binoculars. With the purchase of one of a select list of binoculars at a variety of price points, you can get an ABA membership – usually $45 – for the low price of [read more…]

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