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    #ABArare – Brown Shrike – Alaska

    Yet another big find in western Alaska. After an excellent week on both St. Lawrence and St. Paul, the former comes up big again in the form of an ABA Code 4 Brown Shrike, spotted by Neil Hayward of ABA Big Year fame, at the boatyard in the village of Gambell.

    photo by Neil [read more...]

      Rare Bird Alert: August 29, 2014

      Up to this point, vagrancy has been fairly subdued in the ABA Area, with relatively short reports for the last couple weeks. I’m happy to see, though, that this week things are looking up as passerine migration supplements the southbound shorebirds in a more significant way. Species like Brown Booby, White Ibis, and several jaegers [read more...]

        Blog Birding #201

        Birds don’t have much in the way of a sense of taste, with the notable exception of hummingbirds, which have a famous sweet tooth. Ed Yong at National Geographic’s Not Exactly Rocket Science explains how the ability to taste sweet things was lost, and then re-found, in that one specific family.

        In 2004, the chicken [read more...]

          #ABArare – Willow Warbler – Alaska

          The fall rarity season in western Alaska has officially begun with the discovery of the season’s first major vagrant, an ABA Code 5 Willow Warbler (erroneously noted as Code 4 in Friday’s RBA, though I’d argue it should be with nearly 20 records now) found by Paul Lehman and others at Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, [read more...]

            Rare Bird Alert: August 22, 2014

            It’s coming. You can feel it. At times, Fall migration has felt a little late coming in this year but things are starting to pick up. The movement has been pretty light but steady since the end of July, with conditions favorable for bird movement locally but nothing that seems primed for a big continental [read more...]

              Hookpods to Prevent Albatross Deaths

              Long-line fishing is known to be a significant source of mortality for many specifc of pelagic birds, most notably albatrosses. A British invention, the hookpod, has the potential to eliminate seabird deaths in pelagic long line fisheries. Hookpod Ltd (HPL) had a stand at International Birdfair over the weekend and received lots of enthusiastic support [read more...]

                Blog Birding #200

                Great Black-backed Gulls are massive and brutish, but aging y0ung birds are require a practiced eye. Amar Ayyash of Anything Larus looks at juvenile and 1st summer GBBGs.

                My short semi-annual runs to the East Coast are usually just enough time for me to visit the most popular gull hangouts between Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay [read more...]

                  #ABArare – Fea’s Petrel- New York

                  Mentioned yesterday in the formal Rare Bird Alert, but as it’s a state first, worth mentioning again. The overnight pelagic out of Freeport, New York, was enormously successful. Target birds include White-faced Storm-Petrel, which was seen well, and other deepwater birds that are difficult to come by on day trips out on the continental shelf.

                  [read more...]

                    Rare Bird Alert: August 15, 2014

                    For the second week in a row, the state of Texas leads the week with a rare shorebird. Earlier this week, a Bar-tailed Godwit was discovered in near Corpus Christi, Nueces County. Not only is this a first state record for Texas, but with the recent addition of Black-tailed Godwit to the state list, based [read more...]

                      Drought in California likely to Affect Migratory Birds

                      The western part of the ABA Area has been experiencing drought conditions for the better part of the last three years, and none have experienced drought quite to the degree that California has. At last check, 80% of the state is in “extreme” drought, the highest level as determined by the National Weather Service. The [read more...]

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