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Rare Bird Alert: November 28, 2015

Thanks for waiting the one additional day for you helping of rare birds this week. I know you’ve all been salivating for it as much you were for Thanksgiving dinner. And despite missing its regularly scheduled time, much like this past Thursday, the leftovers are just as good as the meal itself.

Continuing ABA Area [read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving from the ABA

Happy Thanksgiving to those ABA members who are celebrating this week*. I hope you enjoy the one holiday on the calendar that features a bird in a starring role.

We’ll be taking the next couple days off from the ABA Blog, and this is just a reminder of that. Please note that the regularly scheduled [read more…]

Blog Birding #252

With so many options for places to learn about birds, both online and off, where do we send beginners that won’t overwhelm them? Carrie Laben at 10,000 Birds solicits advice.

As my faithful readers know, I have a long-standing fascination with helping (and, at times, inadvertently confusing) interested non-birders – those who are entering the [read more…]

You Can Help the ABA Finish Strong in 2015!

Do you value your birding community? Are you appreciative of all the people in our growing community who do the little things to advocate for birders and birds? Our expanding circles of friends and acquaintances in the bird world are chock full of those who offer their time, their enthusiasm, their expertise, so that out [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: November 20, 2015

Much of the birding news of the past week was swallowed up by the incredible movement of Franklin’s Gulls in the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic, followed by a similarly impressive flight of Cave Swallows in those same places a day or so later. Franklin’s Gulls were found in nearly every state and province that borders [read more…]

Blog Birding #251

Swainson’s Warbler is ghost for many, plain and skulky in the dense vegetation it calls home. It’s a real experience to see one well, as Stephen Hannington at The Accidental Birder did at the Rio Grande Festival last week. But, of course, there’s sometimes more to the story…

Quite unlike the living jewels so typical [read more…]

Huge Movement of Franklin’s Gulls in the Great Lakes and the Mid-Atlantic

Dainty and graceful by gull standards, the Franklin’s Gull has one of the great migrations in the western hemisphere. They breed on the prairie marshes of central Canada and the adjacent states and moves south in great clouds of birds, eventually reaching wintering grounds mostly in the South American nations of Chile and Peru. Birders [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: November 13, 2015

Noteworthy ABA rarities continuing in to this week include one of the four Northern Jacana (ABA Code 4) in Texas, interestingly the one farthest north. The Sinaloa Wren (5) is sitting tight in Arizona and the Streak-backed Oriole (4) was seen this week as well.

Bird of the week honors this time around goes to [read more…]

#ABArare – Oriental Greenfinch – British Columbia

On November 9, Geoffery Newell found and photographed an ABA Code 4 Oriental Greenfinch in Victoria, British Columbia. This is potentially a first record for the province, as well as a first record (pending acceptance) away from western Alaska.

Photo by Geoffery Newell

British Columbia Bird Alert has a specific information on this bird, [read more…]

The Long Goodbye to Green Herons, Bird of the Year 2015

Most of North America’s migratory birds have moved on to points south, piling into the Caribbean and Central and South America to wait out the next few months like they have for millennia. So it is for the Green Heron, too. Though much of the southern tier of the ABA Area will hold a few [read more…]

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