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    Rare Bird Alert: September 26, 2014

    On the verge of the ABA’s St. Paul Island event, the island has been seeing a lot of great birds. Last week saw an impressive stream of vagrants to the Pribilofs highlighted by the ABA’s 5th and, incredibly, the 6th records of  Wood Warbler (ABA Code 5). Other nice finds on St. Paul include likely [read more...]

      Winter is Coming: The 2014 Winter Finch Report

      Sure we’ve still got fall migration on our minds. Sure it still feels like midsummer in some parts of the ABA Area. But there’s no surer sign of the changing seasons that Ron Pittaway’s annual Winter Finch Report.

      The focus of the annual “What to expect when you’re expecting irruptive finches” is always on Ontario, [read more...]

        #ABArare – Siberian Accentors – Alaska

        We continue to report excellent birds from Alaska, as the late September rush is on in the Bering Sea. Two ABA Code 4 Siberian Accentors, one each on St. Lawrence (Gambell) and St. Paul Islands, were found in the last few days, the Gambell bird from 9/19 and the St. Paul bird on 9/21.

        [read more...]

          Blog Birding #204

          Birding in fall often means seeking out the nearest fruit-bearing tree and waiting for awhile. Laura Erickson sings the praises of her local fruit-eating birds.

          Lovely as flying waxwings are, I love being where they set down for a spell in convivial feeding groups. Of course, there are degrees of conviviality. There can be 20 [read more...]

            #ABArare – Wood Warbler – Alaska

            New from St. Paul, and worth a standalone post of its own, is an ABA Code 5 Wood Warbler found and photographed on the island by the St. Paul Tours/TDX group. The species was mentioned in an earlier post as one was found only a couple days ago on Adak, in the central Aleutians. This [read more...]

              #ABArare – Dusky Warbler, Wood Warbler – Alaska

              I’ll warn you right off the bat, there will be a number of Alaska posts coming one right after another. It’s just that things have been really hot there in the last few days, and the late September push looks to be in full effect all across the western part of the state, from the [read more...]

                #ABArare – Berylline Hummingbird – Michigan

                Quickly leaping towards the top of incredible ABA Area records this year comes the truly bizarre and amazing report of a Code 3 Berylline Hummingbird, not from Arizona where they are generally encountered, but from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, first seen on September 17. Pending acceptance, this is a first state record for Michigan [read more...]

                  #ABArare – Taiga Flycatcher, Tree Pipit – Alaska

                  Scarcely 24 hours after the discovery of a Red-flanked Bluetail (which continues today), the guys on St. Paul Island, Alaska, struck again. This time the bird is a Code 4 Taiga Flycatcher, photographed here by Doug Gochfeld on the side of the entrance road.

                  Photo by Doug Gochfeld, as usual more photos are available [read more...]

                    Rare Bird Alert: September 19, 2014

                    We’ve been spoiled for great birds in the ABA Area of late, but most of them have come from the less accessible parts of the ABA Area. There’s has been some excellent birding in Alaska, and this week is no different, but there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned big twitch in the ABA Area, and [read more...]

                      #ABArare – Red-flanked Bluetail – Alaska

                      Birding on Alaska’s Bering Sea Islands continues to be productive, highlighted recently by an ABA Code 4 Red-flanked Bluetail discovered by Doug Gochfeld, Scott Schuette, and Olaf Danielson at Hutchinson Hill on St. Paul Island.

                      Photo by Doug Gochfeld, used with permission. Additional photos available on his flickr page

                      Red-flanked Bluetail is an Old [read more...]

                      Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
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