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Rare Bird Alert: December 2, 2016

As 2016 draws ever closer to its close, the birding continues to be productive, in so far as a number of ABA Area rarities are continuing. Perhaps the story of this year has to do with the high quality rarities that have stuck around for so long in so many cases. It’s that sort of [read more…]

Blog Birding #298

Our time in nature is wonderful for the birds we enjoy, but also for the fellow travelers we meet, as Justin Cale reflects at Notes from the Wildside.

I continued my walk down the wide path that would eventually become the wall of a dam. Breathing in deeply, I couldn’t help but smile as I [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: November 26, 2016

We joke every year that November is better called “Novem-bird” (or, at least *I* do) because of the high quality and numbers of rarities that are found throughout the ABA Area in this month. This November started a bit lighter than in years past, but the last half has been exceptional. This week is no [read more…]

#ABArare – Pine Bunting – Alaska

On November 23, Gambell birder Clarence Irrigoo found and photographed an ABA Code 5 Pine Bunting at Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. This is the 4th record of this species for Alaska and the ABA Area.

Photo: Clarence Irrigoo

Photo: Clarence Irrigoo

Pine Bunting breeds from western Siberia to the western [read more…]

ABA Big Year Update: Three Past the Record

The end of 2016 is only 5 weeks away and the Big Year birders are not slowing down at all. The last few weeks have seen a handful of noteworthy rarities in the ABA Area that have left the four bust as they travel around the US and Canada. The biggest news of the month [read more…]

Blog Birding #297

A recent journal article published in Science Advances suggests that the number of critically endangered bird species in the world may be far higher than we are aware of. John Platt at Extinction Countdown has more.

According to the paper, hundreds of bird species in six of the world’s most biodiverse regions have much smaller [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: November 18, 2016

I’m still overseas, but with a bit sturdier internet, so this week’s Rare Bird Alert will continue as normal. I do have one quick programming announcement, due to the Thanksgiving holiday next week’s RBA will publish on Saturday rather than Friday. Thanks for your understanding!

Continuing rarities in the ABA Area include the ABA’s 3rd [read more…]

#ABArare – Common Scoter – Oregon

On Sunday, November 13, John Gardiner found an ABA Code 5 Common Scoter in Lincoln County, Oregon. Pending acceptance this is only the 2nd record for the ABA Area, and a 1st record for Oregon.

Photo: John Gardiner (S32526121) via Macauley Library

The bird was seen just south of the town of Lincoln City, [read more…]

Blog Birding #296

Birding can be rewarding for both its intensity and its solace, at 10,000 Birds Patrick O’Donnell seeks the second.

I told him I had seen an Ovenbird. He immediately said, “I was making cookies the other day and they got burned. So, so, you think that Ovenbird had something to do with it Pat?” His [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: November 11, 2016

I apologize in advance for any missing birds or piddling mistakes in this edition of the Rare Bird Alert. I’m way out of town, and what internet I can access is inconsistent at best. I even considered skipping this week, but after 301 consecutive weeks I don’t know how I can stop now. In any [read more…]

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