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We’re getting ready to send out the February 2019 issue of Birding magazine, also known as “the one with the stickers”. There’s no better time to join the ABA if you’d like to get some sweet BOY 2019 stickers to display on your phone, your binoculars, or whatever you think might benefit from a little [read more…]

Blog Birding #394

A great many ecologists have decided to be much more forceful in their denunciations of outdoor cats. At Birdwatching Daily, the ABC has more.

An open-access study published in December by leading scientists rebuts unfounded criticisms and reaffirms the need for effective control of outdoor cats. According to researchers, coordinated critics have mounted a “misinformation [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: January 25, 2019

For the last couple months, this post has led with the Great Black Hawk (ABA Code 5) in Maine, and this week looks like it will be the last for that bird. Despite looking fairly comfortable in its Portland park, the bird was taken in by rehabbers this past week after it was found on [read more…]

American Birding Podcast: eBird’s Spectacular Status & Trends with Tom Auer

Cornell’s eBird has been around for 16 years now, and 2019 finds it as ingrained in the birding community, especially in North America, as it’s ever been. More users than ever plugging more data than ever into the project, which in turn facilitates a ton of great information that informs research, conservation, and everyday birding. [read more…]

#ABArare – Dusky Thrush – British Columbia

On January 19, 2019, David Baird and Bryan Vroom found an ABA Code 4 Dusky Thrush at the Nanaimo River Estuary in Nanaimo, British Columbia. This is the 3rd record for the province and one of a handful of records of this highly migratory East Asian thrush on mainland North America.

Photo: Len Jellico [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: January 18, 2019

Notable ABA Area rarities still being seen into the last week include the Great Black Hawk (ABA Code 5) in Maine, which continues to make a mockery of everyone’s predictions about how a tropical bird can manage to survive a New England winter. The White-throated Thrush (4) in Arizona is also still being seen, as [read more…]

2019 AOS Classification Committee Proposals, Part 2

The second batch of 2019 bird taxonomy proposals submitted to the American Ornithological Society’s North and Middle America Classification Committee is out. For those who might not know, this committee is the volunteer group of ornithologists who make the split, lump, and name-change decisions that influence the ABA Checklist and our field guides.

We suggest [read more…]

#ABArare – White-throated Thrush – Arizona

On January 9, Linda Grant discovered an ABA Code 4 White-throated Thrush at Madera Canyon, in Pima County, Arizona. The bird has been seen by many birders since its discovery and is still present as ove yesterday (1/14). in addition to being a noteworthy bird in the ABA Area, this is a 1st state record [read more…]

Blog Birding #393

A year and half later, Puerto Rico is still dealing with the after-effects of 2017’s Hurricane Maria. At 10,000 Birds, Jason Crotty explains what the last two years of CBCs say about how the birds are recovering.

Immediately after hurricanes, surviving birds appear to wander in an effort to find any remaining food supplies and [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: January 11, 2019

The Great Black Hawk (ABA Code 5) in Maine continues into this week, headlining a familiar cohort of long-staying ABA Area rarities. To it we can add the Golden-crowned Warbler (4) Texas, which was joined by a second bird this week, the Fieldfare (4) in British Columbia, the bizarre Pink-footed Goose (4) Colorado, a slightly [read more…]

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