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Blog Birding #404

At Avian Hybrids, Jente Ottenburghs documents how populations of Red-necked Phalaropes who breed quite close to each other winter on opposites sides of the world.

An international team of scientists equipped several Red-necked Phalaropes from different populations with geolocators. The results showed two distinct migrations routes. Birds breeding in Scotland, Iceland and Greenland migrated to [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: May 17, 2019

Notable ABA rarities continuing into this, the third week of May, include Slate-throated Redstart (ABA Code 4) in Texas, both Zenaida Dove (5) and Bahama Mockingbird (4) in Florida, and Little Egret (4) in Maine. The White-tailed Eagle (4) that overwintered on St Paul Island in Alaska turned up again this week, as did the [read more…]

American Birding Podcast: LIVE from The Biggest Week-The ABA at 50

The ABA’s 50th Anniversary and The Biggest Week’s 10th Anniversary coincide this year and it’s a great time to celebrate both stalwarts of the birding community. We threw a bird party and recorded the very first LIVE episode of the American Birding Podcast featuring special guests, live music, and more! We’re excited to share it [read more…]

Blog Birding #403

Are you watching the last season of Game of Thrones? Nick Lund at Audubon writes about the birds of westeros and interviews the sound engineer who is responsible for making this fantasy world sound somewhat realistic.

Much of that consideration comes from the show’s supervising sound editor, Tim Kimmel, who has worked on [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: May 10, 2019

Apologies in advance for any missed rarities this week. I’m writing this post from the Biggest Week in American Birding and things are rather busy. Please include any omissions in the comments and I’ll be sure to include them next week.

Continuing rarities in the ABA Area include the Slate-throated Redstart (ABA Code 4) in [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: May 3, 2019

Texas is still the epicenter of continuing rarities, with the Slate-throated Redstart (ABA Code 4) reported last week singing as if on territory, and the long-staying Crimson-collared Grosbeak (4)in the Valley. Pink-footed Geese (4) are also scattered about, this time in Newfoundland and Quebec.

We’ll lead off with Maine, which is once again hosting Little [read more…]

American Birding Podcast: A Season on the Wind with Kenn Kaufman

Kenn Kaufman is one of America’s best known birders, and he has done just about everything a person can do in the birding world. He’s a guide, an artist, an incredibly skilled birder, and an author of several books, the latest of which is called A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of [read more…]

Blog Birding #402

At Hakai Magazine, Phoebe Weston looks into how scientists actually count the many millions of bird crossig the Gulf of Mexico this time of year.

Over the next 18 days, from April 19 until May 7, more than one billion birds will attempt the perilous journey north over the Gulf of Mexico to reach their [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: April 26, 2019

Continuing rarities in the ABA Area include the now singing Crimson-collared Grosbeak (ABA Code 4) in Texas, along with still-present Tamaulipas Crow (4). A Pink-footed Goose is still being seen in Quebec (4), as is the Key West Quail-Dove (4) in Florida.

After a long stretch of relatively slow reports, the gates finally burst open [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: April 19, 2019

Texas boasts the most continuing ABA notables for what feels like the millionth stright week, which both Crimson-collared Grosbeak (ABA Code 4) Tamaulipas Crow (4) appearing on the eBird Alert once again. Pink-footed Geese (4) are present in Ontario and Quebec, indicating their slow retreat northward as the spring rolls on. And in Florida, at [read more…]