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A Birding Game

It’s a classic parlor game for birders. Okay, birders never sit around in parlors. So we’ll call it a classic car game during the overnight sojourn for a stakeout rarity on the other side of the state. The game goes like this: “I’ll describe a bird, You tell me what it is.”

Let’s play that [read more…]

The Other Blackpoll


I was a late bloomer. I’d been birding, and birding hard, for nearly three years before I finally laid eyes on a Blackpoll Warbler. And when I did, the floodgates opened. That very first morning, I got ten of them. The next morning, twice that number.

With Blackpoll Warblers, as with so much in [read more…]

eBird and MLB: A Match Made at Wrigley


We’re into the second half of August, which means pennant fever. Well, not here in the Denver metro region (the cellar dweller Rockies are on pace for another 95-loss season), but in many other parts of the ABA Area. Late summer also means an uptick in sightings of herons, egrets, nighthawks…

I think you [read more…]

Photo Quiz: August 2015 Birding

This one would seem to qualify as an “LBJ”—a little brown job. But which species? There must be at least 100 in the ABA Area. Hint: Think about geographic variation. Tell us what you think this bird is, and where you think it was photographed.

As always, the most helpful answers are the ones that [read more…]

Cool Green Heron Pix

We at the ABA love the 2015 Bird of the Year so much, we’re giving it away for free! So to speak. For a limited time, read and enjoy John Kricher’s marvelous and informative essay, “A Biologist’s Love Affair with Butorides virescens” [free download, ABA password not required]. Kricher, who served for many years on [read more…]

Liberal and Conservative

The U.S. Supreme Court has been busy of late, handing down decisions both liberal and conservative. Don’t worry, I won’t go there. Instead, I’m going to wade into even deeper doo-doo. Here goes: We in the birding community render and receive judgments that might be characterized as “liberal” and “conservative.” Not in the political sense, [read more…]

Photo Quiz: June 2016 Birding


Take a look at the front cover of Birding, vol. 3, no. 1 (January-February 1971):

That was so long ago, humans evidently hadn’t yet invented art. Why, they were still using Roman numerals!

Now flip the magazine over, and check out the Table of Contents, printed on the back cover:

Take a [read more…]

The 10 Most Commonly Missplepled Words in Briding

We’ve all done it. Lord knows, I’ve done it. We’ve misspelled bird names. And it’s no wonder. I mean, we birders routinely have occasion to say–and write–such words as Phainopepla and Pyrrhuloxia. Anzalduas and Wakodahatchee. Kenn with two n’s, ffrench with two lower-case f’s, and Louis Fuertes’ middle name. I even have in my possession [read more…]

The Kaufman Challenge: Redux

Kenn Kaufman was asked in a Birding interview, “If you could have one wish to improve our world, what would it be?”

His answer: “My wish is that every person might learn to recognize fifty species of plants and animals native to his or her own region. That may not sound like much, but I’m [read more…]

The Big Night


I like Big Days. I’ve been doing them for as long as I’ve been birding. And that’s a bit of a problem—because I’ve been birding for 35 years. You see, I’m the sort of person who likes to mix things up. I don’t like doing the same thing, year after year after year.

But [read more…]

Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
If you like birding, we want to hear from you.
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