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I’m Losing My Hearing, Part 3: Life is Good

In Parts 1 and 2 of this three-part post, we looked at Allard’s ground crickets, Cedar Waxwings, and Brown Creepers. Actually, we listened to them. To the extent that we looked at them, we did so spectrographically: We “saw” their songs and calls in the form of sound spectrograms—computer readouts of various aspects, or parameters, [read more…]

I’m Losing My Hearing, Part 2: Keep Calm and Get Help

In Part 1 of this three-part post, I told you I’m having some trouble hearing the soft, high-pitched song of the Allard’s ground cricket (Allonemobius allardi). Now what?

Laura Erickson, writing in the October 2015 issue of Birding magazine, has some advice. Her article, “Cedar Waxwings—I Can’t Hear Them: Digital Bird Song Hearing Aids,” is [read more…]

I’m Losing My Hearing, Part 1: Bummer Dude

A little while ago, I had a strange experience. I was walking along one of the trails near my house in the suburbs northwest of Denver, Colorado, and I noticed that all the Allard’s ground crickets (Allonemobius allardi) were calling from the grass along the left side of the trail. I continued twenty paces, and [read more…]

Photo Quiz: October 2015 Birding

No more Mr. Nice Guy. We’ve had some easy (but instructive) photos recently: a black-and-white Black-and-white Warbler; a Hermit Thrush whose identify we accidentally included with the filename; and so forth.

This one’s a lot harder. It’s from Cape May, New Jersey, on the night of Sept. 27, 2011. Analysis by photographer Tom Johnson appears [read more…]

The Loveliest Epitaph

I’d walked past that bench several dozen times, but never noticed the inscription. The other day, my daughter pointed it out to me. It was a chilly Saturday morning, the sort of morning when—let’s face it—dads and daughters tend to go their separate ways. Whatever. It was early. We were awake. On a lark, we [read more…]

Our Favorite Bird

I have a theory. I think we have a favorite bird. I don’t mean each one of us individually. I mean all of us as a community.

Sure, I can say that my favorite bird is the Indigo Bunting. And you can say that yours is the Peregrine Falcon. And our friend Ava’s is the [read more…]

Crossing the Rubicon

Back in the April 2015 issue of Birding, there appears a beautiful and remarkable photo of a slam-dunk Black-and-white Warbler. Essayist Tony Leukering explains why it’s this-and-that age and such-and-such sex, but ID of the bird at the species level simply isn’t at issue. The bird is a patently obvious Black-and-white Warbler.

Photo by [read more…]

A Birding Game

It’s a classic parlor game for birders. Okay, birders never sit around in parlors. So we’ll call it a classic car game during the overnight sojourn for a stakeout rarity on the other side of the state. The game goes like this: “I’ll describe a bird, You tell me what it is.”

Let’s play that [read more…]

The Other Blackpoll


I was a late bloomer. I’d been birding, and birding hard, for nearly three years before I finally laid eyes on a Blackpoll Warbler. And when I did, the floodgates opened. That very first morning, I got ten of them. The next morning, twice that number.

With Blackpoll Warblers, as with so much in [read more…]

eBird and MLB: A Match Made at Wrigley


We’re into the second half of August, which means pennant fever. Well, not here in the Denver metro region (the cellar dweller Rockies are on pace for another 95-loss season), but in many other parts of the ABA Area. Late summer also means an uptick in sightings of herons, egrets, nighthawks…

I think you [read more…]

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