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    #ABArare – European Golden-Plover – New Jersey

    At long last, the shorebird scene is starting to come alive. First a Red-necked Stint in Florida, and now following up on a report of a large plover in a field in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Alan Mart photographed an apparent ABA Code 3 European Golden-Plover in an agricultural area near the town of Pittstown. [read more...]

      #ABArare – Red-necked Stint – Florida

      Mid-summer means one thing in North America – it’s stint season!

      The first report in the lower 48 came just yesterday when visiting birders Viktor Nilsson-Örtman and his father, Håkan Örtman discovered an ABA Code 3 Red-necked Stint at Boca Chica Beach in Monroe County, Florida. Remarkably, this would be a first state record for [read more...]

        #ABArare - Brown Booby - Nebraska

        Few species have been as prone to vagrancy in recent years as Brown Booby. The far-ranging Sulid has been recorded as far afield as Atlantic Canada in the east and Washington in the west, with exceptional individuals seen well inland in Arkansas and Texas.

        We can add another point to that bizarre map, this time [read more...]

          #ABArare - probable Nazca Booby - California

          While on a Harbor Breeze Tours whale-watching trip out of Long Beach on June 27, Tim Hammond found and photographed what was initially identified as a Masked Booby about four miles off of Palos Verdes in Los Angeles County waters. Subsequent study of the photos suggest that the bird looks good for Nazca Booby, which [read more...]

            #ABArare - Yellow Grosbeak - Arizona

            On June 28, Durward Philip Hulce found and photographed an ABA Code 4 Yellow Grosbeak at his home in Cochise County, south of Rodeo, New Mexico. This is the second Yellow Grosbeak reported in Arizona this summer, the first from Miller Canyon was not made public until after the bird had left.

            Photo by [read more...]

              #ABArare - Green Violetear - Texas

              On the morning of June 28 Willie Sekula reported an ABA Code 3 Green Violetear coming to one of his feeders in La Vernia, Wilson County, Texas, east of San Antonio.

              Photo by Sheridan Coffey, used with permission

              Access to the home with the feeders seems limited at this time, though birders interested in [read more...]

                #ABArare - Fea's Petrel - Massachusetts

                While on a whale-watching cruise out of Boston to Stellwagen Bank, off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Clifford Otto photographed a bird that he initially identified as an unusual shearwater, but in fact turned out to be a Fea’s Petrel. Pending acceptance, this is a first state record for Massachusetts, and one of only a few records [read more...]

                  #ABArare – Bananaquit – Florida

                  Yesterday afternoon (6/20), Nancy Price found and photographed an ABA Code 4 Bananaquit in at the West Tract of the Jupiter Dunes Natural Area in Palm Beach County, Florida.

                  Photo by Nancy Price

                  The street address for Jupiter Dunes is 14299 US Hwy 1, Juno Beach, Florida, and using that address should take you [read more...]

                    #ABArare - Common (Siberian) Chiffchaff - Alaska

                    I mentioned this bird in last week’s Rare Bird Alert as one of the highlights of a good week in western Alaska. The report may be a little stale, but I figure the photos that have surfaced are good enough to give this very rare bird it’s own spotlight.

                    On June 9, a group of [read more...]

                      #ABArare - Oriental Cuckoo - Alaska

                      All eyes turn to western Alaska in early June, as intrepid guides and tour participants comb the Bering Sea Islands and the Aleutians in search of Asian overshoots. While in the past, far Attu was often the singular target, now that the island is more difficult (though not impossible!) to reach the spotlight has turned [read more...]

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