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    #ABArare – Black-tailed Godwit – Indiana

    For a state without any coastline, save for a small stretch of Lake Michigan waterfront, Indiana has seen an incredible run of vagrant shorebirds in recent years. Not just vagrants for the midwest, but legit ABA Area megas like Spotted Redshank, Lesser Sand-Plover, and the most recent find, and ABA Code 3 Black-tailed Godwit.

    That [read more…]

      #ABArare – Brown Shrike – California

      On March 5, 2015, Alison Cebula of California State Parks found an unusual shrike at Manchester Beach State Park in Mendocino County, California. She took a distant digiscoped photo and sent it off to some local experts who confirmed that she had, indeed, found an ABA Code 4 Brown Shrike.

      The original photo by [read more…]

        #ABArare – Black-faced Grassquit, Bananaquit – Florida

        With the forthcoming rearrangement of the family Thraupidae to exclude from the ABA Area all but the occasional wanderer or hyperlocal resident, it’s actually become something of a novelty to have to species of “tanagers” in the ABA Area at the same time, at at the same location as well.

        On February 22, Carl Goodrich [read more…]

          #ABArare – White-throated Thrush – Texas

          On February 6, 2015, Todd McGrath found an ABA Code 4 White-throated Thrush at Estero Llano Grande State Park in Hidalgo Co, Texas. This is the second notable rarity found at Estero in the last two weeks, following the still-present Gray-crowned Yellowthroat.

          photo by Corey Lange, used with permission

          Estero Llano Grande is located [read more…]

            #ABArare – Fieldfare – Nova Scotia

            On January 31, Kathleen Spicer discovered an ABA Code 4 Fieldfare visiting a fruiting apple tree in her garden in Apple River, Nova Scotia. It has continued through today (2/2).

            Photo by Kathleen F. Spicer, used with permission

            Kathleen is open to visitors coming to see the bird, though she does ask that people [read more…]

              #ABArare – Common Scoter – California

              On January 25, Bill Bouton found and photographed an apparent Common Scoter in the Crescent City boat basin in Del Norte county, California. This is not only a first California record, but the first ABA Area record of this species, recently split from Black Scoter by the AOU.

              Photo by Bill Bouton, used with [read more…]

                The TOP 10: Best ABA Area Vagrants of 2014

                By Nate Swick and George Armistead

                2013 was an incredible year for vagrants, particularly unexpected ones, and a hard year to top, but 2014 was no slouch itself. Now that 2014 is well in the rear view mirror, we’ve looked back on the year that was and assembled the following list of notable and unexpected [read more…]

                  #ABArare – Gray-crowned Yellowthroat – Texas

                  A bird walk yesterday morning led by Huck Hutchens at Estero Llano Grande State Park in Hidalgo Co, Texas, turned up an ABA Code 4 Gray-crowned Yellowthroat. The bird was seen and photographed by many throughout the day.

                  Photo by Chris Benesh, used with permission

                  Estero Llano Grande is located just south of Weslaco, [read more…]

                    #ABArare – Blue Bunting – Texas

                    2015 is off to a good start with a number of great birds found in the first few days or lingering in to the new year. The most recent of which is a female ABA Code 4 Blue Bunting, found by Dan Jones at Santa Ana NWR in Hidalgo Co, Texas.

                    Photo by Dan [read more…]

                      #ABArare – Ivory Gull – Illinois

                      While not an Old World or tropical vagrant by any means, this post does concern one of the most wanted birds in North America so I’ll make a bit of an exception.

                      This afternoon (1/2/2015), Jason Mullins found an adult Ivory Gull on the Mississippi River near Quincy, Illinois. The bird was initially seen just [read more…]

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