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Rare Bird Alert: August 26, 2016

Out well-trodden ABA notables continue in both Arizona and Maine, as the Tufted Flycatcher (ABA Code 5) and Plain-capped Starthroat (4) continue into the week, along with the on-again-off-again Flame-colored Tanager (4) in the former, and the Little Egret (4) persisting at least into last weekend in the latter.

It’s getting to be that special [read more…]

#ABArare – Jabiru – Texas

On August 24, Dan Walker found and photographed an ABA Code 4 Jabiru in southern Victoria County, Texas. He reported the bird to the TEXBIRDS Facebook group. The bird was seen briefly, but disappeared into ditch in a nearby wet pasture and did not show itself again. It is possibly, even likely, that it is [read more…]

#ABArare – Pacific Swift – Alaska

On Friday, August 19, Isaac Helmericks discovered and photographed an ABA Code 4 Pacific Swift in the Colville River Delta in the far north of Alaska. This species is almost exclusively known in the ABA Area from the Aleutians and the Bering Sea Islands.

Helmericks was able to get impressive photos of this fast-flying [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 19, 2016

It’s hot and buggy across much of the ABA Area, but at least the birds are beginning to move in good numbers. Not the continuing ABA notables, however, which are mostly unchanged for the last month and a half. The Maine Little Egret (ABA Code 4) can still be found, though it is moving around [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 12, 2016

The last seven days were a little slower than we’ve had recently, with dispersing birds from the south the major theme. But first, continuing ABA Area rarities are familiar, with Little Egret (ABA Code 4) in Maine, and Tufted Flycatcher (5), Flame-colored Tanager (4), and Plain-capped Starthroat (4) all persisting in Arizona. In Texas, one [read more…]

#ABArare – European Golden-Plover – New Jersey

On August 3, shorebird surveyors Ryan Risher and Jesse Amesbury found and photographed an ABA Code 4 European Golden-Plover in a restricted area of Forsyth NWR in New Jersey. Pending acceptance, this is the 2nd record for New Jersey and one of only a few records in the ABA Area away from the Maritime provinces.

[read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 5, 2016

While birds are moving southward through the ABA Area as early as late June, it’s August that we typically associate with the first real taste of fall birding. And that familiar season of shorebirds and post-breeding birds scattering far and wide is well in evidence this week, and looks only to increase as the month [read more…]

#ABArare – Amethyst-throated Hummingbird – Quebec

On July 30, Annie Lavoie of Saguenay County, Quebec, noted a large unusual hummingbird coming to a feeder at her home. Originally identified as a Blue-throated Hummingbird, it appears certain now that the bird in question is an Amethyst-throated Hummingbird, a species found in Mexico and northern Central America and, if accepted by the committee [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: July 29, 2016

A number of significant birds continuing into this week, some familiar to this spot and some new. The Red-necked Stint (ABA Code 3) in California was present into this week, as was one of the Mexican Violetears (3) in Texas. Of the more long-staying variety, the Maine Little Egret (4) can still be found by [read more…]

#ABArare – Great Knot – Maine

On July 23, puffin researcher Keenan Yakola found and photographed an ABA Code 4 Great Knot on the restricted Seal Island in Knox County, Maine. This is a 1st record for Maine and only the second record of this East Asian species in the eastern part of the continent.

Photo: Keenan Yakola

Seal Island [read more…]

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