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    #ABArare – Red-legged Honeycreeper – Texas

    Of course these things happen on holidays. In writing this up on my phone from my family’s Thanksgiving event, so apologies up front for any typos or autocorrect errors.

    This morning (11/27), a ranger at Estero Llano Grande State Park in Hidalgo, Texas, found a bird he identified as a strange female vireo. Upon [read more…]

      #ABArare – Common Crane – Texas

      On the late afternoon on 11/18, Justin Bosler found an ABA Code 4 Common Crane among a large flock of Sandhill Cranes at Muleshoe NWR in Bailey County, Texas. Pending acceptance this is a first state record for Texas.

      Photo by Justin Bosler, used with permission

      Muleshoe NWR is in the Texas panhandle, just [read more…]

        #ABArare – Eurasian Siskin – Alaska

        The massive storm currently brewing in the Bering Sea, Nuri, seems to have dropped some birds on western Alaska. On Unalaska Island in the eastern Aleutians, a Dusky Thrush was found visiting a feeder in the town of Unalaska, prompting a search for more interesting birds.

        The search paid off big time with the discovery [read more…]

          #ABArare – Tundra Bean-Goose – Oregon

          On the afternoon of November 9, Lee Sliman, a volunteer at Nestucca Bay NWR, found what appears now to be a Tundra Bean-Goose among a flock of Cackling Geese at the refuge in Tillamook, Oregon. The report was confirmed by birders later, and for the last two days the bird has been seen by many [read more…]

            #ABArare – Olive-backed Pipit – California

            Last year, November was the month of plenty for birders across the continent. It got so ridiculous by about the second week that I coined the term “Novembird” as a joke, but also as a tag to hang on every incredible thing showing up in late fall of 2013. Looks like 2014 could be a [read more…]

              #ABArare – Falcated Duck – California

              After a year off, it looks like an ABA Code 4 Falcated Duck has returned to Colusa NWR in Colusa County, California. A bird was seen here both during the winter of 2011-12 and 2012-13, but was not noted last winter, either because it wasn’t present or, more likely, it wintered in a spot not [read more…]

                #ABArare – Eurasian Hobby- Washington

                When it rains it pours. November is the month for rarities and it looks like we’re getting a jump on it this year. One of the more dramatic records of the fall is undoubtedly the news that an ABA Code 4 Eurasian Hobby has been found on 10/26, and is apparently chaseable, in Clallum County, [read more…]

                  #ABArare – Bahama Swallow – Florida

                  Put a bunch of people on a platform and have them looking at the sky for hours on end, and you never know what might fly by. Birders at the Florida Keys Hawkwatch at Curry Hammock State Park in Monroe County, Florida, had not one, not two, but three ABA Code 4 Bahama Swallows fly [read more…]

                    #ABArare – Red-flanked Bluetail – Alaska

                    New from western Alaska, Paul Lehman and company found a number of noteworthy birds highlighted by an ABA Code 4 Red-flanked Bluetail and also including Rustic Bunting (3) and two Little Buntings (4), at Gambell, on St. Lawrence Island.

                    Photo by Paul Lehman, used with permission

                    Red-flanked Bluetail is an Old World Flycatcher known [read more…]

                      #ABArare – Siberian Accentors – Alaska

                      We continue to report excellent birds from Alaska, as the late September rush is on in the Bering Sea. Two ABA Code 4 Siberian Accentors, one each on St. Lawrence (Gambell) and St. Paul Islands, were found in the last few days, the Gambell bird from 9/19 and the St. Paul bird on 9/21.

                      [read more…]

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