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    #ABArare – Brown Shrike – Alaska

    Yet another big find in western Alaska. After an excellent week on both St. Lawrence and St. Paul, the former comes up big again in the form of an ABA Code 4 Brown Shrike, spotted by Neil Hayward of ABA Big Year fame, at the boatyard in the village of Gambell.

    photo by Neil [read more...]

      #ABArare – Willow Warbler – Alaska

      The fall rarity season in western Alaska has officially begun with the discovery of the season’s first major vagrant, an ABA Code 5 Willow Warbler (erroneously noted as Code 4 in Friday’s RBA, though I’d argue it should be with nearly 20 records now) found by Paul Lehman and others at Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, [read more...]

        #ABArare – Fea’s Petrel- New York

        Mentioned yesterday in the formal Rare Bird Alert, but as it’s a state first, worth mentioning again. The overnight pelagic out of Freeport, New York, was enormously successful. Target birds include White-faced Storm-Petrel, which was seen well, and other deepwater birds that are difficult to come by on day trips out on the continental shelf.

        [read more...]

          #ABArare – Bar-tailed Godwit – Texas

          The rare shorebirds continue to highlight late summer 2014, and Texas gets another good one in a Bar-tailed Godwit, found and photographed on 8/9 by Mel Cooksey at Oso Bay in Corpus Christi. Pending acceptance this is a first state record for Texas.

          The second rare shorebird in as many weeks for Texas, this [read more...]

            #ABArare – White-winged Tern – Quebec

            Things are starting to get interesting on the bird front lately, as it seems that all corners of the ABA Area are checking in with nice birds seen this week. From the far northeast quadrant, Alain Richard found and photographed an ABA Code 4 White-winged Tern in Fatima “barachois” in Magdalen Islands, a small archipelago [read more...]

              #ABArare – Mississippi Kite – Manitoba

              I mentioned this record in the most recent Rare Bird Alert, but it’s so remarkable it deserves a little more coverage. Since at least mid-July, birders in Winnipeg, Manitoba, have been reporting an unusual raptor in the area, but one which was not showing well and not giving looks that would unquestionably confirm the bird’s [read more...]

                #ABArare – Collared Plover – Texas

                It takes a very good bird to bring me out of retirement to write an #ABArare post, and the Collared Plover found by Dan Jones in Hargill, TX on Aug 2 is just such a bird. Collared Plover has a range that extends from South America to Mexico. It’s a Code 5 species with only [read more...]

                  #ABArare – “Salvin’s” Shy Albatross – California

                  While we’re all eagerly awaiting the likely split of Shy Albatross by the AOU in their forthcoming Check-list supplemental, it’s worth reviewing the status of the species in ABA Area waters. The three “Shy” Albatrosses are represented by eight records from California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Of those states, California is the only one with [read more...]

                    #ABArare – European Golden-Plover – New Jersey

                    At long last, the shorebird scene is starting to come alive. First a Red-necked Stint in Florida, and now following up on a report of a large plover in a field in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Alan Mart photographed an apparent ABA Code 3 European Golden-Plover in an agricultural area near the town of Pittstown. [read more...]

                      #ABArare – Red-necked Stint – Florida

                      Mid-summer means one thing in North America – it’s stint season!

                      The first report in the lower 48 came just yesterday when visiting birders Viktor Nilsson-Örtman and his father, Håkan Örtman discovered an ABA Code 3 Red-necked Stint at Boca Chica Beach in Monroe County, Florida. Remarkably, this would be a first state record for [read more...]

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