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#ABArare – White-throated Needletail – Alaska

The last couple weeks on St. Paul Island in Alaska’s Pribilofs have been very good ones, but the best bird of the season so far came yesterday when the TDX St. Paul Island Tours guys found an ABA Code 5 White-throated Needletail on the island. This is only the 6th record for the ABA Area [read more…]

#ABArare – Steller’s Sea-Eagle – Alaska

From the wire comes a report of a subadult ABA Code 4 Steller’s Sea-Eagle found on Buldir Island yesterday afternoon. This dramatic species has been known in the ABA-Area a handful of times before, almost exclusively from the Aleutians, but also as far east as Alaska’s southeastern peninsula. This was the case for the most [read more…]

#ABArare – Alaska Roundup

In the last few days a number of great birds have been discovered in Alaska, mostly on the Bering Sea islands but also on the mainland. In lieu of individual posts for each great bird, here’s a quick run-down of recent notables from the Last Frontier.

While it’s expected that a few red-letter rarities are [read more…]

#ABArare – Blue Mockingbird – Arizona

This report is a little stale, but worth noting anyway for the significance of the bird and for its continued evidence that Ramsey Canyon in Cochise County, Arizona, is ridiculously hot right now. In addition the nesting Tufted Flycatchers and the nesting Flame-colored Tanagers in the vicinity (not to mention the various state level notables), [read more…]

#ABArare – Tufted Flycatcher – Arizona

On May 22, Mark Phillips found an ABA Code 5 Tufted Flycatcher in Upper Ramsey Canyon, Cochise County, Arizona. This is potentially the 8th record of this species in the ABA Area. Even more remarkable, the bird was photographed by subsequent birders sitting on a nest, suggesting that there may be more than one individual [read more…]

#ABArare – Taiga Bean-Goose – Alaska

It’s an exciting time of year for those who keep an eye on the far reaches of the ABA-Area. The Alaskan rarity season is coming on now, both on the Aleutians and the Pribilofs. From the latter comes an apparent ABA Code 4 Taiga Bean-Goose found by the guides on St. Paul Island.

Photo [read more…]

#ABArare – Kelp Gull – California

On May 20, Alvaro Jaramillo found an apparent Kelp Gull (ABA Code 4) at Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County, California. The not-quite-adult bird was photographed extensively but has not, to my knowledge, been seen since the initial observation. In additional to being one of the few records away from Louisiana, this is, pending [read more…]

#ABArare – Crescent-chested Warbler – Arizona

On May 17, Carl Tomoff discovered an ABA Code 4 Crescent-chested Warbler at Granite Basin Lake in Yavapai County, Arizona, near Prescott. A number of birders were able to find the bird and photos were obtained. While the species has occurred in Arizona before, this is the farthest north record of this Middle American species [read more…]

#ABArare – Little Egret – Nova Scotia

On the evening of May 14, Rachel Hoogenbos found an ABA Code 4 Little Egret at Daniel’s Head on Cape Sable Island in Nova Scotia. The bird stuck around for at least two days, according to eBird.

Photo by Ronnie D’Entremont, Used with permission

Cape Sable Island is located on the far southern tip [read more…]

#ABArare – Hawfinch – Alaska

Alaska rarity season is opening with a bang on the Aleutians. On May 14, Barb and Frank Haas found a stunning Hawfinch (ABA Code 4) near the airport ponds on Adak Island.

Photo by Franklin Haas, Used with permission

Hawfinch is a considered a classic drift migrant in the western Aleutians in spring, where [read more…]

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