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Nikon Monarch 7

    Open Mic: Take Action to help Townsend’s Shearwaters

    At the Mic: Josh Beck

    The Townsend’s Shearwater is one of the most critically endangered of all seabirds, but has very few conservation resources dedicated to it. I’ve long been interested in this bird, and it has seemed to me that its plight should not be so dire. It breeds on just one island- Isla [read more...]

      Help Rennovate the Magee Marsh Boardwalk

      How many birders have made their way down the boardwalk at Magee Marsh, pausing amongst the crowds to gawk at a Blackburnian Warbler or Philadelphia Vireo, enjoying the opportunity to visit with friends old and new and enjoy some of the most spectacular spring birding on the continent? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

      It has undoubtedly [read more...]

        Galveston Bay Oil Spill: What We Birders Can Do

        The March 22 spill of 168,000 gallons of highly toxic bunker fuel into Galveston Bay can be expected to take a huge toll on migrating, nesting, and still-wintering birds. If you want to donate money to help, Houston Audubon seems to be the go-to organization right now. But whether or not you can make a [read more...]

          Take Action for Greater Sage-Grouse

          Greater Sage-Grouse is one of the iconic species of the North American West, and it’s entirely dependent on wide open sagebrush strewn spaces of the Great Basin for survival. Unfortunately, that region is increasingly under threat of development from oil and gas mining operations, mining pits, and the roads and powerlines that go along with [read more...]

            Birder Action Needed to Restore Jamaica Bay NWR West Pond

            By Douglas Futuyma

            New York’s famed Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (JBWR) has been damaged beyond recognition. It will never again be such a wonderful resource for birds and birders unless it is repaired –  and that may depend on the voice of birders everywhere.

            Whether by personal experience or by its reputation, birders throughout North [read more...]

              Open Mic: Take Action for the Birds of Amherst Island, Ontario

              At the Mic: Mayo Underwood

              Mayo Underwood has been interested in organic forms of life and pottery since she was a little girl. She has a studio on Amherst Island with several kilns, wheels and a slab roller for different kinds of projects. She shares it with her cat, Friday, as well as [read more...]

                Calling all Conservation and Community Heroes!

                Many ABA members will be familiar with the “Milestones” column that appears in each issue of Birding (and, before that, Winging It). Birders write in with their latest listing accomplishments: “Jack Thompson of Sausalito, CA saw his 700th bird for the ABA Area, a Smith’s Longspur, in central Illinois in April 2013″ or “Gloria Hinojosa of [read more...]

                  Make 2014 a Big Year for Young Birders

                  “I never thought conservation would be something I would be interested in until I did the Conservation & Community module of the ABA’s Young Birder of the Year contest. Now I’m really into it!”

                  The speaker was 2013 Young Birder of the year Eric Hughes. The place was the ABA’s 2nd Mid-Atlantic Young Birder Conference, [read more...]

                    Birders Needed to Speak Up On Great Lakes Wind Turbine Issue

                    Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds descend on the lakeshore of nortwest Ohio every spring, piling up on the south side of Lake Erie before making the jump over the big water. In recent years, thousands of birders have traveled there specifically to enjoy them, making springtime in Ohio – and specifically the Black Swamp [read more...]

                      Help Protect Warbler Woods from Harmful Rezoning

                      Black-capped Vireo, one of the Texas specialties that can be found at Warbler Woods.

                      Warbler Woods, a 124 acre ranch in Cibolo, Texas, is one of the best sites in Central Texas for migrating warblers. Though it’s privately owned by Margie Bonnes and Susan & Don Schaezler, the site has been maintained as [read more...]

                      Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
                      If you like birding, we want to hear from you.
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