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Happy Thanksgiving from the ABA

Happy Thanksgiving to those ABA members who are celebrating this week*. I hope you enjoy the one holiday on the calendar that features a bird in a starring role.

We’ll be taking the next couple days off from the ABA Blog, and this is just a reminder of that. Please note that the regularly scheduled [read more…]

Huge Movement of Franklin’s Gulls in the Great Lakes and the Mid-Atlantic

Dainty and graceful by gull standards, the Franklin’s Gull has one of the great migrations in the western hemisphere. They breed on the prairie marshes of central Canada and the adjacent states and moves south in great clouds of birds, eventually reaching wintering grounds mostly in the South American nations of Chile and Peru. Birders [read more…]

Follow the ABA at the American Birding Expo!

We’re busy setting up for the ABA Summit and the American Birding Expo this week. The ABA lounge is back in action and we’re excited to welcome all the birders and birding industry folks from North America and beyond as we celebrate this community that we’re all a part of.

We’ll be sharing a [read more…]

Winter Finches are Coming, maybe: The 2015-16 Winter Finch Report

As reliable as the mudflats full of shorebirds and the first frost, there’s no surer sign of the changing seasons that Ron Pittaway’s annual Winter Finch Report.

The focus of the annual “What to expect when you’re expecting irruptive finches” is always on Ontario, but Pittaway’s insights can be extrapolated to the rest of the [read more…]

Congratulations Noah Strycker, New World Big Year Champion!

It finally happened. Birding associate editor and ABA Blog contributor Noah Strycker broke the World Big Year record, finding his 4,342nd species with more than three months left in his year. This eclipses the previous record of 4,341 set by British birders Ruth Miller and Alan Davies in 2008.

The birds? A pair of Sri [read more…]

Buy Optics from Eagle Optics, Get a Discounted ABA Membership!

Our good friends at Eagle Optics are once again offering a fantastic deal for those interested in purchasing a new pair of binoculars. With the purchase of one of a select list of binoculars at a variety of price points, you can get an ABA membership – usually $45 – for the low price of [read more…]

Test Your Bird ID Chops with the ABA Bird Quiz

The ABA photo quiz has been around for a very long time, but it’s something I’ll bet not a lot of people know about. Every month, quizmaster Tony Leukering finds a misleading, disorienting, but identifiable photo and throws it out on the web for birders to take a crack at it. Their are no prizes [read more…]

Howell on Field Notebooks at The Eyrie

Now that cameras and smartphones have largely replaced the once-ubiquitous field notebook in the pockets of birders – for better or for worse – the field notebook runs the risk of becoming an anachronism. But it shouldn’t! There’s so much you can learn from a good field notebook, and that’s one of the reasons the [read more…]

Confirmation of a New Nesting Site for Black-capped Petrel

For pelagic birders on the east coast, it doesn’t get much better than a Black-capped Petrel in a breeze. Like all Pterodromas, they cruise on the wind like a fine Italian sportscar on a mountain road, effortlessly and with breathtaking abandon. For decades the only known nest sites of this charismatic seabird were in patches [read more…]

The How and Why of Urban Cooper’s Hawks

It sounds strange to say that Cooper’s Hawks were once relatively unusual in urban and suburban settings. The dashing raptors are ubiquitous now, even in the most developed landscapes, and this population boom is certainly inverse to the fairings of so many other North American native birds. Why, then, does this species thrive in places [read more…]

Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
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