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    The Auk and The Condor, Expanding Access

    Big news in the bird academic publications front, as two venerable ornithological publications, The Condor and The Auk, have made most of the the last 15 years worth of issues available completely for free on their website. As pre-2000 articles are already freely available on the Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA), this means that the [read more…]

      Birding in the News: Gull-frolic Edition

      It’s not often that birding is taken seriously in the regular media, and we all know about the epidemic of “birders flock” and “for the birds” headlines in newspapers throughout the english-speaking world. It seems that puns are like catnip to the newspaper crowd, who seem wholly unaware of their pervasiveness.

      So a nice, birding-positive, [read more…]

        The Code

        There is some irony in taking more than 3,000 words and two full days on the ABA blog just to reach this conclusion:

        Do we have to waste this much time and inbox space ranting about [four-letter codes]? Is it really that important? Don’t we have better things to discuss?

        I assume that Derek [read more…]

          Happy Holidays from the ABA!

          Merry Christmas Bird Count and a Happy New Year List from all of us at the ABA! We hope the end of your year is a relaxing time for family, friends, and birds.

          Because of the holiday, the Rare Bird Alert will be one day later than normal this week. Look for it on [read more…]

            The Warbler Guide App, featuring 3-D Images


            Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle’s landmark The Warbler Guide, published last year from Princeton University Press, was widely considered to be one of, if not the, finest family-specific guide for any group of North American birds. In his review for Birding magazine, Edward Burtt said:

            This is a wonderful book. The many, many photographs are [read more…]

              Holiday Gifts at the ABA Store!

              We mentioned the great optics deal at Eagle Optics this morning, but I would be remiss in neglecting to mention that the ABA Online Shop is another great place to shop for the birder in your life.

              We have shirts, pins, patches, stickers, and hats, including the very stylish and seasonally appropriate fleece cap [read more…]

                Get Eagle Optics Bins for the Holidays, Add an ABA Membership

                Looking for a last minute holiday gift for a birding friend or family member? Or maybe for yourself?

                Our friends at Eagle Optics have once again made their extremely generous membership offer available for another year. With the purchase of any one of a selection of binoculars, running the gamut from EO’s excellent house brand [read more…]

                  Project SNOWstorm Owls Returning for a Second Year

                  Last winter’s Snowy Owl irruption was incredible for a number of obvious reasons involving big white owls hanging out seemingly everywhere, but for a number of researchers with Project SNOWStorm that irruption meant something more. Tagging several individual owls were with small-solar powered transmitters that pinged back to cellular towers meant that we were able [read more…]

                    A New Species in Sulawesi, 15 years in the making

                    It’s remarkable, in this day and age, that researchers in far flung, bird-rich parts of the world are still putting names to new species at a pretty steady rate. It seems like every year a handful are formally described for the first time, generally from the tropics of South America and Asia, where there are [read more…]

                      Holiday Ideas at the ABA shop and more!

                      It’s holiday gift-giving season and, of course, the ABA has a number of items that might be of interest to your birding friends and family this year. In particular, there are a few things to which we’d like to draw your attention.

                      First, the ABA’s Power of 7s membership drive ends on December 1. By [read more…]

                      Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
                      If you like birding, we want to hear from you.
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