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    National Museum of Wildlife Art Contest for Birders

    The National Museum of Wildlife Art, located in Jackson, Wyoming launched contest today in conjunction with a new bird-focused exhibit called “A Parade of Plumage“. The exhibit focuses on the engravings of Francois Nicolas Martinet, a prolific engraver in the 1700s. The museum was the recipient of 102 prints by Martinet, created for the Histoire [read more…]

      The Rise of Rarity Roundups

      This coming weekend several friends and I are heading out to eastern North Carolina in an attempt to put on our own version of a Rarity Roundup. The Rarity Roundup, a loosely coordinated event in which birders scour potential vagrant hotspots in their state during a lucrative time of the year, usually November, is an [read more…]

        Join the ABA at RGVBF

        The Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival is a highlight of the year for scores of birders across the continent, and for good reason. Combine one of the most exciting hotspots in the ABA Area with an organizational marvel that is the planning team in Harlingen and you’ve got the makings of a phenomenal time among [read more…]

          Sponsor Shout-out: Safe Travels With With Global Rescue

          With the arrival of autumn, birders are beginning to plan for their next adventures, or their Big Year. Several questions are bound to be fresh in their minds: “Where should I go next? How am I getting there? Where will I stay?” One travel question may be less obvious. “Who will help me if I [read more…]

            Help Prevent Bird WIndow Collisions with The Bird and WIndows Project

            Birds face many threats when they come into contact with urban populations. One of the leading causes of avian mortality in cities is window collisions. In Canada it is estimated 25 million birds are killed each year as a result of bird window collisions and the winter season, which large numbers of birds descend on [read more…]

              Recording Standards and Ethics, all Online

              Few birders know that in addition to the high-profile ABA Checklist Committee, the ABA bylaws require that the organization also maintains a second committee with a focus on Recording Standards and Ethics. It’s the yin and yang of the North American birding experience. If the CLC determines what birds are “countable”, RSEC determines under what [read more…]

                Winter is Coming: The 2014 Winter Finch Report

                Sure we’ve still got fall migration on our minds. Sure it still feels like midsummer in some parts of the ABA Area. But there’s no surer sign of the changing seasons that Ron Pittaway’s annual Winter Finch Report.

                The focus of the annual “What to expect when you’re expecting irruptive finches” is always on Ontario, [read more…]

                  Football Stadiums and Migrating Birds, Two Approaches

                  For the most part, there isn’t a ton of overlap between professional football and birds, except perhaps those Sundays in fall with the football fan birder has to make a difficult decision on what to focus their energies. That has changed of late, however, with the construction of a massive new stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, [read more…]

                    ABA Bird of the Year Shirts in the field!

                    The limited edition Rufous Hummingbird t-shirts, designed by PRBY’s Paul Riss and Rachel Riorden and printed by Fed by Threads, are on their way to mailboxes across the ABA Area this week. I got mine last evening, and a more comfortable and stylish t-shirt I don’t know that I’ve seen. Rufous Hummingbirds are on the [read more…]

                      Biking with Birds reaches Pacific Ocean, Sees lots and lots of birds

                      When Dorian Anderson undertook his biking Big Year taking him across the ABA Area in search of as many birds as possible seen entirely under his own power, the thought of reaching the Pacific Ocean must have registered as something of a dream. It’s not like his route has been a straight shot. In the [read more…]

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                      • Nine Tips for Leading Bird Walks November 18, 2014 9:39
                        Recently, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. More and more young birders have been leading bird walks. This is awesome and really helps enrich the young birder community, as well as the birding community as a whole. […]
                      • Young Birder Blog Birding #34 November 3, 2014 4:34
                        October is one of my favorite months for birding. While, at least where I am, most Neotropical migrants have already passed through by the end of September, October brings some really great birds into the area. […]
                      • Young Birder Blog Birding #33 October 31, 2014 8:00
                        Wow. September brings migrating birds, exciting cold front fallouts, and exceedingly productive birding blogs. The results from the summer are in, flooding the pages with posts about fun summer camps, projects, and birding excursions, followed closely by fall, with new birds and weekend trips. […]

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