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Think You Know Sharp-tailed Sparrows? Think Again

In 1995, the AOU formally split Sharp-tailed Sparrow into Nelson’s and Saltmarsh Sparrow based on differences in “song, morphology and habitat”. From the standpoint of birders, the split was pretty straight forward. the two species are mostly distinguishable in the field, Nelson’s with it’s buffy breast and Saltmarsh with its fine streaks (Saltmarsh is Streaky, [read more…]

Review: The Sagebrush Sea – PBS Nature

Nature documentaries generally come in one of two flavors. They can either take you to the farthest reaches of the planet, introducing you to the bizarre and often other-worldly organisms that can be found there, or they can take you deep into the familiar and share fascinating aspects of species with which we’re more or [read more…]

The 2015 World Series of Birding – How to Follow Online

For 31 years the World Series of Birding, sponsored by New Jersey Audubon, has been the foremost Big Day competition in the world. Teams of birders scour the state of New Jersey, uniquely manageable in size and overloaded with fine birding sites, in a bins-out-no-holds-barred-adrenaline-and-caffeine-fueled 24 hour period to see who can find the most [read more…]

eBird’s Global Big Day on May 9

There’s arguably no better time to be birding than right now. The crush of birds seems to increase every day. So why not help our friends at Cornell Lab of Ornithology see how many birds can be found on one calender day around the world when every birder works together? Enter the Global Big Day. [read more…]

New Mexico’s Dale Zimmerman receives ABA Ludlow Griscom Award

Dale Zimmerman of Silver City, New Mexico, one of his state’s best known and admired biologists and birders, received the American Birding Association’s Ludlow Griscom Award for 2015 at a ceremony in Roswell, New Mexico, on April 11. The award is given for “outstanding contributions in regional ornithology.” The presentation took place at the beginning [read more…]

Thank You, Dorian! Biking for Birds Photography Auction!

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were all watching in wonder as Dorian Anderson crossed the ABA Area in an impressive year-long biking Big Year. The adventure eventually netted him 617 (and maybe 618) species, a load of new admirers, and a lifetime of memories. Dorian was generous enough to donate part of [read more…]

“Emptying the Skies” to Bring Attention to Mediterranean Bird Trapping

ABA members and friends will likely be interested in a new film, based on a New Yorker Magazine essay by novelist and essayist Jonathan Franzen. Emptying the Skies exposes the rampant poaching of migratory songbirds in southern Europe, where songbird populations have been drastically declining for several decades, with a number of species facing imminent [read more…]

April ABA Photo Quiz Online Now

The ABA photo quiz has been around for a very long time, but it’s something I’ll bet not a lot of people know about. Every month, quizmaster Tony Leukering finds a misleading, disorienting, but identifiable photo and throws it out on the web for birders to take a crack at it. Their are no prizes [read more…]

The Peregrine Fund’s Raptors at Risk Exhibition and Contest

The Peregrine Fund, a non-profit organization with a mission to protect birds of prey and their habitats, is offering an opportunity for amateur and professional bird photographers to show their stuff.

Their “Raptors at Risk” juried photo contest and exhibition seeks to draw attention to these often misunderstood birds, their stories, and the their conservation [read more…]

The Auk and The Condor, Expanding Access

Big news in the bird academic publications front, as two venerable ornithological publications, The Condor and The Auk, have made most of the the last 15 years worth of issues available completely for free on their website. As pre-2000 articles are already freely available on the Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA), this means that the [read more…]

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