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Global Big Day Two Weeks Out

A reminder, as we careen headlong in the most exciting birding month in the northern hemisphere, that Cornell and eBird’s Global Big Day is scheduled for May 14, only two weeks away.

In addition to eBird’s online festivities, May 14 is International Migratory Bird Day in North America. Many nature centers, bird clubs, and [read more…]

The ABA and the Underground Railroad

The ABA is proud to host an event tomorrow night that explores a little bit of the history of the place we call home. With the recent announcement that the face of abolitionist and humanitarian Harriet Tubman will be gracing the US $20 bill in the not too distant future, there has been an increase [read more…]

Dictionary of Scientific Bird Names an Online Searchable Database

Scientific bird names are mysterious to a lot of us. Unless you have a basic grounding in Latin or Greek, they tend to be meaningless to anyone except the researchers who use them regularly, just jumbles of letters as cryptic as a spell in a Harry Potter book. James Jobling tried to remedy that in [read more…]

Sponsor Shout-out: Thanks to Eagle Optics

At the ABA, we have the good fortune to work closely with many friends in the birding industry who share a commitment to promoting birding opportunities, encouraging conservation initiatives around the world, and making the birding community more fun and inclusive. Many of these friends sponsor various aspects of the ABA’s programs and outreach initiatives, [read more…]

eBird’s Global Big Day, Coming May 14

The Great Backyard Bird Count is big, but the Global Big Day is much much bigger. On May 9, 2015, 14,000 people in 135 countries entered a staggering 45,000 eBird checklists featuring 6,085 species in one 24 hour period. That’s a lot of birds, but our friends at Cornell want 2016 to be even bigger.

[read more…]

Scenes from the American Birding Expo

The ABA was proud to play a part in the inaugural American Birding Expo in Columbus, Ohio, last fall. Plans are already in place for the 2016 version, and hopes are high that it will be bigger and better the next time around. For an insider’s view of American Birding Expo, check out this video [read more…]

118 Species, Migrating all at Once

As the eBird database continues to grow, and researchers continue to find new and fascinating uses for it, the birding public is increasingly the recipient of remarkable visualizations of that data. The latest manifestation of that data is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a mesmerizing visualization of the migration of 118 New World bird species [read more…]

Big Year Records Busted in 2015

Noah Strycker wasn’t the only person to bust a Big Year record this year. A number of birders in the ABA Area made serious efforts at their own state/provincial records in 2015, some putting up some impressive number in what was an impressive year for vagrancy in the ABA Area.

California birder John Sterling set [read more…]

The ABA Blog’s Top 10 Posts of 2015

It’s the time of year for year-end lists, or maybe I’m a a couple weeks late. In any case, I want to publicly thank all of those tho contributed to the blog this year, from regular contributors to guest writers to those who work behind the scenes keeping the whole thing functioning.

The following are [read more…]

Birders, the Media, and the Malheur Standoff

Birders paying attention to the ongoing situation at Malheur NWR in southeastern Oregon are probably puzzled by the extent to which the interest of birders has driven some of the media narrative about the occupation. Birders, more than hunters and fishers and other stakeholders, have been perceived as one of the major victims here, and [read more…]

Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
If you like birding, we want to hear from you.
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