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    ABA’s Regional Interest Discussion Groups

    The birding scene in North America is primarily state/province based, reflected in the vibrant listserv culture that the birding community has created and nurtured. But stuck as we are in our ruts, we miss opportunities to share information across those lines.

    To use my own home state as an example; birders from all over the [read more...]

      ABA Hosting “Thank You, Colorado!” Event, August 9

      Residents of Colorado, or birders visiting the state the first week of August will be interested in a fun party and farewell open house to be held Saturday, August 9th, at the American Birding Association’s headquarters in Colorado Springs. As many of you know, the ABA is relocating its administrative offices to Delaware City, Delaware, [read more...]

        Sign up for Flight Calls, the ABA’s Newsletter

        We at the ABA try to make finding out what’s going on at the organization as easy as possible for members and friends. There’s the blog, the website, and our stable of fine publications. If you’re interested in more ABA stuff, please subscribe to our newsletter, Flight Calls. It’ll come to your email inbox regularly [read more...]

          California Condors Nesting in Utah for the First Time

          Well, the first time in several hundred years, at least. A pair of California Condors at Zion National Park in Utah are raising a single chick, documented by park staff and a number of other state and federal groups.

          As birders undoubtedly know already, the iconic California Condor was the focus of one of the [read more...]

            BirdLife South Africa, Albatrosses, and ABA Events

            The ABA is hosting a safari trip to South Africa later this year, and there are no shortage of reasons to be excited about it. The birding is spectacular, the mammals are nearly as impressive, and we’re working with the dedicated conservationists at BirdLife South Africa to create an itinerary that will be as rewarding [read more...]

              Happy Paris Day…Let’s Have a Photo Quiz

              Exactly 1,063 years ago today, the great city of Paris was founded. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by having a photo quiz. Without further ado, here’s the photo:

              Photo by © David Wiggins.

              Hmm… Can’t identify the bird? Scroll down a bit…








              [read more...]

                El Niño – Effects on Birds and Birding

                Now more than ever, birders are able to practice their interest with in increased sense of how the weather influences the movements of birds. Whether this is reading dopplar and wind speed charts to predict landfall of migrating passerines, or following hurricanes and tropical storms for waifs, or tying influxes of vagrants to storm systems [read more...]

                  Biking for Birds into the Rockies

                  Dorian Anderson’s Biking Big Year is well into the Rocky Mountain by now, and while the additions to his list are slowing down the degree of difficulty is increasing significantly as he puts in 1,000+ feet elevation gains with some regularity.

                  He’s added some pretty tough species, including Gunnison Sage-Grouse…

                  Before I realized it, [read more...]

                    Climate Change and Migratory Birds: New Concerns for an Old Problem

                    The vast majority of successful bird conservation projects in the world focus on habitat. Given appropriate habitat many bird populations have proven to be remarkably resilient in the face of disturbances, but without it the cliff grows ever closer for many. Migratory birds have it doubly bad, in that not only do they require habitat [read more...]

                      Moonbird in 2014, back for another year

                      In 1993, an charismatic Bill Clinton had just been inaugurated president, Nelson Mandela and Willem de Klerk won Nobel Peace Prizes for their worth in post-apartheid South Africa, Meat Loaf did anything for love (but not that), and a young Red Knot banded in Tierra del Fuego, one of thousands wintering there as they have [read more...]

                      Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
                      If you like birding, we want to hear from you.
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