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    Blog Birding #211

    Despite their often befuddling array of plumages, the transition from juvenile to adult in gulls is a fascinating one. MiaMcPherson, of On the Wing Photography, shares some photos of Ring-billed Gulls of all ages and plumages.

    In February of 2011 I wrote about the age progression of Bald Eagles along with images to illustrate the [read more…]

      Blog Birding #210

      The music of birdsong has inspired humans for as long as we’ve been able to make music ourselves. Laura Erickson contemplates that connection between us and the birds, and how similar it really is.

      On October 23, NPR’s All Things Considered ran a story about the mockingbirds in New Orleans. One of the 4-note phrases [read more…]

        Blog Birding #209

        Ravens are curious, intelligent, and charismatic. They can also do a number on your car if they have a mind to, and a few birds in Saugerties, New York, have decided they have a taste for rubber. Corey Finger at 10,000 Birds explains.

        No one can figure out why, exactly, birds are attacking and dismantling [read more…]

          Blog Birding #208

          Compared to the Old World, we birder sin the Americas suffer a paucity of kingfishers, which is a shame as they’re such charismatic and dramatic birds. Fortunately, the one most of us in North America know and love is the Belted Kingfisher, and Laura Erickson shares with us more that we thought we’d want to [read more…]

            Blog Birding #208

            Young birder camps aren’t just great opportunities for the campers, but the interns have a story to tell too. At The Eyrie, Mike Hudson writes about his experiences at Camp Avocet.

            Aside from being able to bird every waking hour, I also had the privilege to be guiding alongside the other instructors, which is not [read more…]

              Blog Birding #207

              Perhaps no topic of discussion among ABA areas is more likely to turn birder against birder than the inclusion of Hawaii into the ABA Area. At Pittsburgh Birding Life, Aidan Place makes his case against adding Hawaii.

              The most credible pro-Hawaii argument in my eyes, is that adding Hawaii would draw attention to the plight [read more…]

                Blog Birding #206

                It’s the season for massive congregations of swifts descending into old industrial smokestacks across much of the ABA Area. Hipster Birders Nick and Maureen enjoy the sight of Vaux’s Swifts in Oregon.

                Afterward, we stayed in the Portland metro area. The occasion was our wanting to witness a truly spectacular avian spectacle: an incredible number [read more…]

                  Blog Birding #205

                  Fall is peak rarity season, so birders should brush up on their responses to finding rare birds. Fortunately, Lucas Bobay at The Birder’s Conundrum is ready to provide you with that important information.

                  It’s been far too long since I’ve met a good rarity.  I have found myself moping around campus, dragging my feet with [read more…]

                    Blog Birding #204

                    Birding in fall often means seeking out the nearest fruit-bearing tree and waiting for awhile. Laura Erickson sings the praises of her local fruit-eating birds.

                    Lovely as flying waxwings are, I love being where they set down for a spell in convivial feeding groups. Of course, there are degrees of conviviality. There can be 20 [read more…]

                      Blog Birding #203

                      Migrating birds have it tough. Not only do that have to traverse thousands of miles in difficult conditions, they also occasionally have gulls picking them off like flies on a window when they cross the Great Lakes, as Amar Ayyash at Anything Larus documented recently.

                      The assumption here is that the passerines migrate over the [read more…]

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                      • Nine Tips for Leading Bird Walks November 18, 2014 9:39
                        Recently, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. More and more young birders have been leading bird walks. This is awesome and really helps enrich the young birder community, as well as the birding community as a whole. […]
                      • Young Birder Blog Birding #34 November 3, 2014 4:34
                        October is one of my favorite months for birding. While, at least where I am, most Neotropical migrants have already passed through by the end of September, October brings some really great birds into the area. […]
                      • Young Birder Blog Birding #33 October 31, 2014 8:00
                        Wow. September brings migrating birds, exciting cold front fallouts, and exceedingly productive birding blogs. The results from the summer are in, flooding the pages with posts about fun summer camps, projects, and birding excursions, followed closely by fall, with new birds and weekend trips. […]

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