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    Blog Birding #197

    Sharon Stiteler, known far and wide as Birdchick, is covering the important case of the Minnesota Vikings, whose brand new stadium looks to be something of a mess for migratory birds.

    I’m not a big fan of petitions but this is a rare case where I think we need as many signatures as possible. Even [read more...]

      Blog Birding #196

      Birders have watched closely the rapid increase in the number of Lesser Black-backed Gulls in North America, from the rare winter stray to an increasingly common summer resident in the north. Amar Ayyash at Anything Larus, may have hit the motherload last week, however, with an impressive concentration of the species in Wisconsin.

      On Friday, [read more...]

        Blog Birding #195

        Summertime may mean slower (or at least more uncomfortable) birding, but with some big taxonomic news coming it’s nice to take a refresher on the major bird systematics news of the year. At 10,000 Birds, David Ringer wraps things up. Kiwis and elephant birds? American Tree Juncos? All here.

        It’s mid-July, which among other things [read more...]

          Blog Birding #194

          Tis the season for slow birding and bald cardinals. Rick Wright, at Birding New Jersey and Beyond, digs up an early example of the phenomenon confusing birders then as it does annually nowadays.

          The internet is clogged with photographs of hideous northern cardinals, the feathers of their heads all gone to reveal wrinkled bluish skin. There’s a [read more...]

            Blog Birding #193

            It’s summer time, and while the birding slows down the need for volunteer censusing of breeding bird populations goes up. Scott Simmons at Birding is Fun shares some of the highlights of the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas.

            Beginning in about the middle of May Central Florida begins to loose its migrants, and birds the breed [read more...]

              Blog Birding #192

              We’ve long thought that colorful birds have simple songs and dull birds have impressive songs, but recent research suggests that some birds in the tropics can in fact have both. Hugh Powell has the details at Cornell’s All About Birds blog.

              Animals have limited resources, and they have to spend those in order to develop [read more...]

                Blog Birding #191

                We don’t often think a lot about how lengths and widths in field guides are determines. Steve Howell at the Traveling Trinovid blog explains why we should take them with a grain of salt, and suggests a better way.

                Related to “size” is a pet peeve of mine: virtually all field guides give just a [read more...]

                  Blog Birding #190

                  Dorian Anderson, he of Biking for Birds fame, is heading into the mountains for the summer having cleaned up in southeast Arizona over the last month. He talks a bit about the lesser known aspects of biking Big Year here.

                  As you can imagine, I am very limited in what I can find to eat [read more...]

                    Blog Birding #189

                    Birder have a love/hate relationship with gulls; the family boasts as many landfill-slumming varieties as transcendent dream birds. But they are consummate survivors and capable of incredible feats, like this California Gull hunting swallows photographed by Corey De Stein and published at The Nemesis Bird.

                    We observed the California Gull working the canal area as [read more...]

                      Blog Birding #188

                      A festival like The Biggest Week in American Birding brings together people from all over to revel in migration’s plenty. Melissa Penta, at My Digital Mind, writes about her experiences.

                      Not bad for a more distant bird, hand held. We enjoyed some Common Gallinules who foraged nearby and kept our eyes out for the bitterns. [read more...]

                      Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
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