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    Blog Birding #223

    As the winter moves on, there’s a ton going on at Project SNOWStorm as they continue to add owls to their tracking study. Scott Weidensaul has more.

    Thursday night was a busy one around here — four of our newest cohort of owls checked in, as well as two of last winter’s returnees.

    Let’s start [read more…]

      Blog Birding #222

      The great burden of birders is to constantly have to fight the common usage of “seagull” by our non birding friends and family. But few gulls deserve that kind of disrespect, and Carrie Laben, at 10,000 Birds, seeks to find the most interesting gull in the world.

      My first instinct was that the rarest gull [read more…]

        Blog Birding #221

        For those that followed the Snowy Owl irruption and Project SNOWstorm last winter, note that the campaign continues this winter. There are certainly fewer Snowy Owls this winter, but as Scott Weidensaul shares, the information they’re receiving about them is even more amazing the second time around.

        Braddock spent last winter on and around Lake [read more…]

          Blog Birding #220

          The interrelation of the 9-primaried oscines has been a particularly tough taxonomic nut to crack, but as David Ringer at 10,000 Birds reports, we’re getting closer.

          The authors argue that most major groups, including the sparrows, wood-warblers, blackbirds, and cardinals then diversified in North America and subsequently colonized South America in a series of overwater [read more…]

            The ABA Blog’s Most Popular Posts of 2014

            It’s not too late to do end of the year countdowns, right? I sure hope not. I want to publicly thank all of those tho contributed to the blog this year, from regular contributors to guest writers to those who work behind the scenes keeping the whole thing functioning.

            The following are the 10 most [read more…]

              Blog Birding #218

              The yang to the yin of the successful twitch, is the epic crushing dip. We’ve all been there, and Laura Erickson spins a tale of dipping on a near-mythical snow white gull.

              I’d been fixated on the Ivory Gull since first looking through my field guides in 1974. The pristine whiteness of the plumage, contrasting [read more…]

                Blog Birding #217

                Bird migration is often a journey from known point to known point, but the habitat between those territories is just as critical, and the reasons behind the bird’s choices not always clear. At Cornell’s All About Birds blog, Victoria Campbell writes about researchers there using eBird to shed some light on those decisions.

                Fatigued and [read more…]

                  Blog Birding #215

                  Learning about bird identification often means learning more about bird physiology that we ever dreamed of. Laura Erickson takes that to its extreme with a comprehensive look at bird tongues.

                  From the time I was a very little girl, I wondered about bird tongues. Well, actually, I wondered about all tongues. Dog tongues lolled out, [read more…]

                    Blog Birding #214

                    What are the most difficult birds in North America to record? It’s not always the ones that are the hardest to find, as Andrew Spencer at Earbirding explains.

                    Most of the species that I talk about below aren’t really “hard” birds to see.  Some of them can be downright common in the right areas.  But [read more…]

                      Blog Birding #213

                      Big news this week in the Big Year front as Dorian Anderson of Biking for Birds cracked 600 on his continent-spanning bicycle big year in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. His #600 was a common valley bird, but he had a real surprise not long after.

                      A very small bird eventually materialized in a small, [read more…]

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