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Blog Birding #393

A year and half later, Puerto Rico is still dealing with the after-effects of 2017’s Hurricane Maria. At 10,000 Birds, Jason Crotty explains what the last two years of CBCs say about how the birds are recovering.

Immediately after hurricanes, surviving birds appear to wander in an effort to find any remaining food supplies and [read more…]

Blog Birding #392

Want to do more birding close to home in 2019? Seagull Steve of Bourbon, Bastards, and Birds explains the 5 Mile Radius and why it should be your goal this year.

Birders of all levels and all stripes have embraced the 5MR, and you should too! Bird Police, civilian bird wizards, “young birders”, geri birders, [read more…]

Blog Birding #391

Want to eBird your Christmas Bird Count, the folks at eBird offer some best practices.

Christmas Bird Count (CBC) season is upon us again! This is a great time to join others and cooperate in a massive effort across the Western Hemisphere to take a snapshot of bird occurrence around the holidays. For three weeks [read more…]

Blog Birding #390

Evolution works in funny ways, and the famous Galapagos Finches may be evolving in response to tourist junk food, according to

Galápagos finches are famed for being the inspiration behind Charles Darwin’s pioneering work on evolution. They are an example of adaptive radiation, an evolutionary process that produces new species from a single, rapidly [read more…]

Blog Birding #389

At On the Wing Photography, Mia McPherson sings the praises of birding and photography close to home.

Let me start off by saying that yesterday morning I left home before o’dark hundred (5:45 am) and sat on my butt for more than five hours to go up north and look for birds. Had it not [read more…]

Blog Birding #388

The 2018 elections were in many ways a referendum on the environment, with a great many public lands and and environmentally conscious ballot initiatives seeing passage. At 10,000 Birds, Angela Minor breaks them down.

Voters in several states had the opportunity to express their support (or condemnation) of various environmental (or anti-environmental) issues respectively in [read more…]

Blog Birding #387

Kelp Gull is one of the most mysterious regular vargants to the ABA Area, and Amar Ayyash at Anything Larus tries to figure out why, and whether we are overlooking these birds.

The overwhelming majority of records in North America are adult type birds, which begs a reoccurring question, are we overlooking young Kelp Gulls? [read more…]

Blog Birding #386

A pursuit of a songbird by an Accipiters is one of the great, and underrated, chases in world, but it can be deadly for both if a window pane is involved. Ron Dudley of Feathered Photography has more.

In writing back I identified the birds as a Cooper’s Hawk and a female House Finch, suggesting [read more…]

Blog Birding #385

They’re one of the most maligned birds in North America, and indeed around the world, but they’re fascinating birds with their amazing adaptability and interesting plumage. Mia McPherson of On the Wing Photography explains what she finds so compelling about them.

I know that there are people who find European Starlings repulsive and resent them [read more…]

Blog Birding #384

The long-term decline of aerial insectivorous birds is one of the more concerning bird conservation trends in North America and, indeed, around the world. At The AOS Publications Blog, see a summary of a recently published study seeks to figure out why Tree Swallows are declining in Canada.

Cox and her colleagues believe that increasingly [read more…]

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