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Nikon Monarch 7

    Understanding Rarity

    A review by Graham Etherington

    Rare Birds of North America, by Steve N.G. Howell, Ian Lewington, and Will Russell

    Princeton University Press, 2014

    428 pages, $35.00—hardcover

    ABA Sales / Buteo Books 14102

    Rare birds: everybody loves ‘em. Whether it’s the wonder that you feel on seeing a bird that’s managed to survive a cross-ocean [read more...]

      Education, Enlightenment, and Eggs

      A review by Chelsea Biondolillo

      America’s Other Audubon, by Joy M. Kiser

      Princeton Architectural Press, 2012

      192 pages, $45.00—hardcover

      ABA Sales / Buteo Books 13683

      Some books entertain, others educate or enlighten, and still others dazzle with their visual display. America’s Other Audubon by Joy M. Kiser, a former librarian at the Cleveland Museum of [read more...]

        Beetle Mania

        A couple of years ago I wrote a column in Winging It about some of my favorite non-birding books for birders.  Commentators in a followup blog post generated many more great book titles that appeal to travel and unfeathered natural science topics of interest to those who pursue wild birds.

        Just in time for [read more...]

          A Cautionary Tale

          A review by Rick Wright

          A Feathered River Across the Sky: The Passenger Pigeon’s Flight to Extinction, by Joel Greenberg

          Bloomsbury, 2014

          304 pages, $26.00—hardcover

          ABA Sales / Buteo Books 14322

          On May 26, 1910, Mr. Charles H. Jones of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, testified before the House of Representatives’ Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce:

          It [read more...]

            Positive Changes, Dire Developments, and a Call to Action

            A review by Jennifer Rycenga

            Birds of the Sierra Nevada: Their Natural History, Status, and Distribution, by Edward C. Beedy, Edward R. Pandolfino, and Keith Hansen

            University of California Press, 2013

            xiv + 430 pages, $39.95—softcover

            ABA Sales / Buteo Books 14156

            The Sierra Nevada’s place in natural history and ornithology is [read more...]

              The New Sibley

              A review by Jen Brumfield

              The Sibley Guide to Birds of North America, Second Edition, by David Allen Sibley

              Knopf, 2014

              599 pages, $39.95—softcover

              ABA Sales / Buteo Books SIBL2

              I have 1,500 words to review the new, second edition of The Sibley Guide to Birds.

              1,500 words. I’ve already used 20.

              I don’t have [read more...]

                Enigmatic, Inscrutable, and Absorbing

                A review by Luke Tiller

                Looking for the Goshawk, by Conor Mark Jameson

                Bloomsbury, 2013

                368 pages, $26.95—hardcover

                ABA Sales / Buteo Books 13890

                Mark Conor Jameson is best known for his well-received Silent Spring Revisited, a review of the highs and lows of the conservation movement since Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking work. In his latest [read more...]

                  Citizen Science and the Ornithological Record

                  A review by Drew Weber

                  Birds of Central Pennsylvania, by Nick Bolgiano and Greg Grove

                  Stone Mountain Publishing, 2010

                  262 pages, $20.00—softcover

                  ABA Sales / Buteo Books 13347

                  When I moved to State College in the summer of 2010 for graduate school, I was excited about birding central Pennsylvania, which has extensive forest and many [read more...]

                    The Allure of the Sea, From Shore

                    A review by Amar Ayyash

                    Peterson Reference Guide to Seawatching: Eastern Waterbirds in Flight, by Ken Behrens and Cameron Cox

                    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013

                    xi + 602 pages, $35—hardcover

                    ABA Sales / Buteo Books 13931

                    Perhaps the most challenging form of birding, the identification of birds in flight from a distance is a [read more...]

                      Birds and People

                      A review by Robert O. Paxton

                      Birds and People, by Mark Cocker, with photographs by David Tipling

                      Random House, 2013

                      592 pages, $65.00—hardcover

                      ABA Sales / Buteo Books 14189

                      This sumptuous volume is a bit like a double chocolate sundae. It’s too rich for one sitting, but you can’t stop eating. It explores a sweeping [read more...]

                      Birders know well that the healthiest, most dynamic choruses contain many different voices. The birding community encompasses a wide variety of interests, talents, and convictions. All are welcome.
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