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    Rare Bird Alert: April 18, 2014

    This week may be the birdiest one yet for 2014, at least as far as vagrants are concerned. Notable birds were seen in all corners of the ABA Area this week, helped along by strange weather and the overwhelming urge to move.

    Our friends at Cornell’s Birdcast (and you really should be reading Birdcast this [read more...]

      Rare Bird Alert: April 11, 2014

      When it rains it pours in early spring, it seems. Not just in the flood of year firsts returning to North America from parts south, but also in the number and scope of rarities in the ABA Area. Two states pick up first records this week – sure it’s nothing like the streak we saw [read more...]

        Rare Bird Alert: April 4, 2014

        Between the rush of early spring migrants to much of the ABA Area and the near annual bird “reports” associated with April Fool’s Day, this was an, er, “exciting” one for birders in North America. Thankfully, after a relatively slow March things seem to be picking up a bit, not surprisingly as birds begin to [read more...]

          Rare Bird Alert: March 28, 2014

          It’s interesting how two notable records, from opposite sides of the continent, can drive a narrative for the week. The question being one of provenance (not an uncommon discussion with rare bird records) but also how birders feel about introduced species as vagrants. I touched on it a little in an #ABArare post this week. [read more...]

            Rare Bird Alert: March 21, 2014

            It’s official. The March doldrums are a thing. As we head face first into what feels like Round 42 of this never-ending winter, the bird records from around the ABA Area are still sluggish. But rest assured, beleaguered birders, spring is coming. Reports from the southern tier of the United States feature vanguards of spring [read more...]

              Rare Bird Alert: March 14, 2014

              What a difference a year makes. This time last year we were in the midst of an epic run of first records from across the ABA Area. We went over a year without going more than one week without some jurisdiction getting something new. We were awash in North Lapwings and a number of notable [read more...]

                Rare Bird Alert: March 7, 2014

                Another week of relatively sparse vagrant reports, but the news across the rest of the continent has been one more of quantity rather than quality. The first part of 2014 has been noteworthy for the impressive numbers of White-winged Scoters, Common Mergansers, Long-tailed Ducks, and Greater Scaup present in impressive numbers in places where they [read more...]

                  Rare Bird Alert: February 28, 2014

                  By this point in the year, birders in the ABA Area are no doubt ready for winter to be over. The birds are certainly feeling it, at least in my area they’ve burst into song with a vengeance over the last week. However, this winter still has one more, and hopefully final, push into the [read more...]

                    Rare Bird Alert: February 21, 2014

                    No week in North American birding sees more rarity reports than the week of the Great Backyard Bird Count. Granted, the very vast majority of these records are incorrect and quickly dealt with by the vast network of volunteer eBird reviewers, but the fact that so many more eyes are in the field during this [read more...]

                      Rare Bird Alert: February 14, 2014

                      Another week, another massive winter weather system crashing into the east coast. And another relatively slow week for ABA Area vagrants. Heavy precipitation probably kept a number of birders off the roads and out the field this past week, at least in the east. Despite a little bit of rain, the west still continues to [read more...]

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