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    Rare Bird Alert: February 27, 2015

    Once again, the east side of the continent is snow-bound while the west side is drying out. Neither are great conditions for birds or birders, but we’ve still managed to come through with some interesting birds this week, including a pair of Code 4s in Florida and likely first (and potential second) in Virginia.

    While [read more…]

      Rare Bird Alert: February 20, 2015

      Another relatively slow week as far as new birds to the ABA Area. The fair weather in the west seemed to make for slow birding while the deep freeze in the east made for practically no birding. There are still several lingering birds, however, as both rarities in south Texas, the Gray-crowned Yellowthroat and the [read more…]

        Rare Bird Alert: February 13, 2015

        It’s incredible enough when a major rarity shows up anywhere, like the still present Gray-crowned Yellowthroat making waves in the Lower Valley of Texas right now. It’s even more incredible when a second, equally rare bird, shows up just meters away. We have a term for it, “Patagonia Picnic-Table Effect”, in which one good bird [read more…]

          Rare Bird Alert: February 6, 2015

          Here, in the late winter doldrums, we cry out for megas. And, as it has so many times before, it is California that hears the call and delivers big-time. Since the AOU followed the BOU’s lead in splitting the Common/Black Scoters, we’ve sort of been expecting the now Common Scoter to show up in the [read more…]

            Rare Bird Alert: January 30, 2015

            It was a slower week to be sure, but Texas takes its accustomed place as the center of the ABA rarity world with a couple of notable finds this week. the most accommodating of which is an ABA Code 4 Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, still being seen daily (if not regularly during the day) at Estero Llano [read more…]

              Rare Bird Alert: January 23, 2015

              We roll into the last week of January with two state picking up potential first records in the last 7 days, neither of which are as cut and dried as we certainly like to see in our perfect world. But, as we all know, little about birds is cut and dried. The first is a [read more…]

                Rare Bird Alert: January 16, 2015

                Potential first ABA Area records can cause a lot of excitement in the birding world, and occasionally they can cause a lot of confusion too. That’s the case with one of the more interesting finds of the year so far, a Striped Sparrow that turned up in Williamson, Texas, in the middle of the state. [read more…]

                  Rare Bird Alert: January 9, 2015

                  With the exception of out comfortable friends in California, Nevada, and the greater southwest, much of the continent went into the deep freeze this week. But at the very least, the arctic weather brought along arctic birds. One, in particular, which by virtue of its more of less centralized location managed to catch the fancy [read more…]

                    Rare Bird Alert: January 2, 2015

                    Happy New Year, all! I hope the first few days of January fine you all in good spirits with a good start on your 2015 year list. This first RBA of 2015 is a little on the short side this week, but that’s not necessarily indicative of a slow week’s birding. As you know, this [read more…]

                      Rare Bird Alert: December 27, 2014

                      Happy Holidays birders, and thanks for the extra day to put this post together. Thursday holidays are always a real drag. This is the last weekly rarity roundup of 2014, and while this year hasn’t seen the mind-blowing vagrants of 2013 (no Rufous-necked Wood-Rail equivalent this year), it was a pretty exciting 12 months. George [read more…]

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