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Rare Bird Alert: October 2, 2015

This report is coming from the floor of the American Birding Expo, and composed between various stints of setting up, so my apologies for the lack of a preamble this time round. We’ll go straight to the birds. Continuing rarities in the ABA include some very long-staying birds, namely the Texas Collared Plover (ABA Code [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: September 18, 2015

The west coast is the place to be this week, as it so often is in the fall. Alaska and California have seen some exceptional vagrants this week, and will likely continue to do so if past autumns (and El Niño years) are any indication. Notable continuing birds this week include the foursome from Arizona, [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: September 11, 2015

Continuing birds of note this second week of September include a Blue-footed Booby (4) on the Fallarones in California, the Collared Plover (5) still hanging out in Texas, and a quartet of species in Arizona, including several Plain-capped Starthroats (4), the Slate-throated Redstart (4) and the ongoing Tufted Flycatcher (5) and likely long-staying Sinaloa Wren [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: September 4, 2015

According to our friends at Birdcast, it was a quiet week for migration, with low to moderate movement across the continent. That bears out in the vagrant report as well, with little in the way of long-distant migrants ending up in odd places. The vagrants of the week were by and large post-breeder dispersals, and [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 28, 2015

It’s getting exciting in the ABA Area this week, as passerine migration ramps up to combine with the shorebirds that have been on their way south for a few weeks now. We’re also starting to get our first reports from western Alaska, on the leading edge of what is predicted to be an exceptional El [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 21, 2015

Things are starting to pick up in the last week of August, as one would expect. This week saw a great array of species on both coasts as we head into the most exciting birding months of the year for rarity hunters. ABA Area notables continuing into this week include the Collared Plover (ABA Code [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 14, 2015

We head into the middle of August with the listservs lighting up to report southbound shorebirds from coast to coast. Only a few of them are particularly unusual though, but now is certainly the time to be parsing those tide flats and reservoir arms for something really good. ABA Area notables continuing into the last [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: August 7, 2015

Notable birds continuing in the ABA Area include the Collared Plover (ABA Code 5) in Texas, the Tufted Flycatchers (5) in Arizona, and the Little Egret (4) Maine, found once more after a short absence. But those megas are nothing compared to the shockwave that hit southern California this week. No sooner had the calender [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: July 31, 2015

Summer birding is truly a strange time in North America. The weather is uncomfortable, the bugs are out, the birds are ratty and everyone is chomping at the bit for shorebird season to heat up. But still, late July can offer some surprises for those willing to brave the elements, often in the form of [read more…]

Rare Bird Alert: July 24, 2015

Continuing rarities in the ABA Area include a handful of bird in southeast Arizona. The Flame-colored Tanagers (ABA Code 4) and Tufted Flycatchers (5) are still hanging tight at Ramsey Canyon, even if finding them is more difficult now. A Plain-capped Starthroat (4) continues in the Chiricahuas as well.

The Little Egret (4) tally has [read more…]

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