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    Rare Bird Alert: December 19, 2014

    Christmas Bird Count season kicked off this week, and it was this annual census that formed the background for much of the rarity-finding this week. Nearly every significant find reported since last weekend was found on a CBC, just going to show that when you get enough birders out in the field, paying exceptionally close [read more…]

      Rare Bird Alert: December 12, 2014

      This coming weekend marks the beginning of Christmas Bird Count season, another period on the calender which tends to be good for ABA Area rarities. That seems to be less because December is such a great time for vagrants and more because there are so many birders out covering areas extremely thoroughly. I look forward [read more…]

        Rare Bird Alert: December 5, 2014

        We might be forgiven for thinking first records are the end all-be all of the rarity roundups here, and there’s no doubt about it, they’re undeniably cool. One of the reasons I like them is because I’m a sucker for narrative, even in bird records. I like a good story, and the slow and steady [read more…]

          Rare Bird Alert: November 29, 2014

          It has arrived, the last weekend of Novembird, and with it a flurry of hot bird across the ABA Area including a potential first ABA record, and not the one we thought might have been found earlier in the week.

          No this bird comes from Texas, which, despite boating a state list currently at 641, [read more…]

            Rare Bird Alert: November 21, 2014

            Lots of weather news this week. A massive cold weather system pushed into the Lower 48 putting much of the ABA Area (aside from Alaska, weirdly) in the deep freeze. It still remains to be seen whether the system will affect the movement of birds, but those that were found this week seem  mostly to [read more…]

              Rare Bird Alert: November 14, 2014

              It remains to be seen precisely what will happen when the second coming of the polar vortex arrives this week, smack in the middle of November and the rarity month. Crazy weather generally means good things for those who like to seek out rare birds, but it’s hard to shake that ominous feeling with regard [read more…]

                Rare Bird Alert: October 31, 2014

                October ends with another glut of great birds continent-wide as the rarity season really begins to pick up. At least two exceptional ABA Area birds were discovered this week at opposite ends of the ABA Area with a number of other lower level birds scattered throughout. We had two first records reported and several others [read more…]

                  Rare Bird Alert: October 24, 2014

                  As we sit on the cusp of rarity season, the possibilities seem endless. Late October into November has historically been a very good time to look for unusual birds, and while the floodgates have yet to open completely, a few interesting and notable sightings have the birding community, coast to coast, ready for more.

                  We’ll [read more…]

                    Rare Bird Alert: October 17, 2014

                    We continue the run for 1st records this week, and while it’s nothing like the streak we enjoyed this time last year, it’s not so bad. Though it seems that a couple of our firsts this week are the victims of odd circumstances rather than straight ahead, unequivocal, uncontroversial first records.

                    On the uncontroversial front, [read more…]

                      Rare Bird Alert: October 10, 2014

                      A remarkable 5 first records grace this week’s Rare Bird Alert report. First generally come in two categories, those that are expected (however unlikely) and those that arrive completely out of left field. We had both in the last seven days, but perhaps the greatest expression of the latter was the incredible Alaska first Wood [read more…]

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