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    Rare Bird Alert: October 24, 2014

    As we sit on the cusp of rarity season, the possibilities seem endless. Late October into November has historically been a very good time to look for unusual birds, and while the floodgates have yet to open completely, a few interesting and notable sightings have the birding community, coast to coast, ready for more.

    We’ll [read more...]

      Rare Bird Alert: October 17, 2014

      We continue the run for 1st records this week, and while it’s nothing like the streak we enjoyed this time last year, it’s not so bad. Though it seems that a couple of our firsts this week are the victims of odd circumstances rather than straight ahead, unequivocal, uncontroversial first records.

      On the uncontroversial front, [read more...]

        Rare Bird Alert: October 10, 2014

        A remarkable 5 first records grace this week’s Rare Bird Alert report. First generally come in two categories, those that are expected (however unlikely) and those that arrive completely out of left field. We had both in the last seven days, but perhaps the greatest expression of the latter was the incredible Alaska first Wood [read more...]

          Rare Bird Alert: October 3, 2014

          Rare Bird Alert is reporting this week on location on St. Paul Island, Alaska, where the hot birds are from Russia and the internet is spotty at best. So let’s just get down to it before the wifi craps out, and please forgive any missed birds or exhaustion-induced typos. Here we go!

          After a number [read more...]

            Rare Bird Alert: September 26, 2014

            On the verge of the ABA’s St. Paul Island event, the island has been seeing a lot of great birds. Last week saw an impressive stream of vagrants to the Pribilofs highlighted by the ABA’s 5th and, incredibly, the 6th records of  Wood Warbler (ABA Code 5). Other nice finds on St. Paul include likely [read more...]

              Rare Bird Alert: September 19, 2014

              We’ve been spoiled for great birds in the ABA Area of late, but most of them have come from the less accessible parts of the ABA Area. There’s has been some excellent birding in Alaska, and this week is no different, but there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned big twitch in the ABA Area, and [read more...]

                Rare Bird Alert: September 12, 2014

                Alaska still leads off the week, as it has for the last several in a row. Though things have slowed down from last time we checked in, the Bering Sea islands are still seeing a steady stream of excellent rarities. This week’s highlight is without doubt the ABA Code 5 Common Chiffchaff seen and well-photographed [read more...]

                  Rare Bird Alert: September 5, 2014

                  This week could reightly be called the week that Alaska exploded. Granted, this time of year means that there are groups of birders on two of the ABA’s most noted vagrant traps, Gambell and St. Paul Island, dedicated to finding Asian strays, but even by the exceptional standards that birders on those islands set year [read more...]

                    Rare Bird Alert: August 29, 2014

                    Up to this point, vagrancy has been fairly subdued in the ABA Area, with relatively short reports for the last couple weeks. I’m happy to see, though, that this week things are looking up as passerine migration supplements the southbound shorebirds in a more significant way. Species like Brown Booby, White Ibis, and several jaegers [read more...]

                      Rare Bird Alert: August 22, 2014

                      It’s coming. You can feel it. At times, Fall migration has felt a little late coming in this year but things are starting to pick up. The movement has been pretty light but steady since the end of July, with conditions favorable for bird movement locally but nothing that seems primed for a big continental [read more...]

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