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Video #3: Introducing the ABA Bird of the Year 2011

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In which we debut the ABA Bird of the Year program. It's a really simple idea, one that some may laugh off as a trifle. But I think it's a real step along the road to the ABA building a stronger birding community and a more effective organization to represent it. And, to get started, it's as simple as peel and stick!

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I hope you enjoy the video and will look forward to receiving the March issue of Birding.


We'll post a link to the Web Extra I mention here as soon as it's up.

Let us know in the comments if you have ideas for content we might feature, good kestrel conservation or research efforts we might promote, and so on. And be thinking about which species you'd like to see us choose for 2012!

And, finally, here's the March issue's cover, with artwork by Louise Zemaitis:

11-2-01-F01 [Cover]