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Want an Autographed Copy of the New Crossley Guide that Helps Support the ABA?

Note: I'm not posting a video this week. Watch for one the middle of next week, though.

By now, I'm certain everyone who reads this blog is aware of the new Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds. It has certainly attracted a great deal of notice, much of it very favorable indeed. Here's your chance to decide for yourself, and to help the ABA in the bargain.

In keeping with its decidedly nonstandard approach to plates and text, the guide has been promoted through an offbeat, perhaps even topsy-turvy ad campaign. If you've received your March 2011 issue of Birding, you'll know what I mean: the Crossley ad, which runs across pages 2 and 3, is intentionally upside down. (There's a similar ad in the current issue of North American Birds—the one with the Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush on the cover).

It's an attention-grabbing strategy, for sure. But I want to make sure that, as you're turning the magazine up and down trying to figure out what's going on, you don't miss a certain bit of text. I've added the words, "LOOK HERE!," and an arrow to highlight it on the graphic below.

CIDE offer arrow.001-001
 If you zoom in on that piece and orient it right side up, here's what you see:CIDE ABA offer

Yep, that's right. Order your copy using this special code and not only will you get a copy of the book autographed by Richard himself, the good people at Princeton University Press will donate $4.00 to the ABA. Simple as that.

True, you can get the book a little more cheaply from some of the big booksellers. But it won't be autographed, and it won't help out the ABA.

So please, take advantage of this special opportunity. Get your own little bit of birding history and give a boost to the ABA in the process.

I'd like to specially thank both Richard Crossley and his editor, Robert Kirk, for coming up with this nifty little offer for ABA members. It's a great deal, however you look at it.