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New eBird data entry launches!

Several weeks ago, ABA blog contributor Brian Sullivan broke the news that eBird was developing a new and much improved data entry system.  It’s been in beta testing for a while, but just last week it was released to some fanfare (especially among those of us who are heavy eBird users).

I’ve found the update to be a significant upgrade in eBird user interface.  Not only does if make the data entry process easier and, thankfully, faster, but now you can add breeding information, provide comments on notable birds at the time you enter them, and even share your list on Facebook and Twitter.

Ebird sample

If you’ve been reluctant to use eBird because you’ve found the protocol clunky or counter-intuitive, I’d absolutely encourage you to give it another try.  The developers have made a huge leap forward with this most recent incarnation. In addition to being a huge asset to those doing work in bird conservation and distribution and abundance, it makes the eBird experience just that much more fun.

Kudos to Brian, Christopher Wood, and Marshall Iliff.  Under their guidance, EBird just keeps getting better and better.