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Get Your American Kestrel ABA BoY Badge!

We’re not going to let the American Kestrel, the first ABA Bird of the Year, pass on without an aggressive and strong finish! Just so you know, we plan to have the American Kestrel carry on its reign as “Bird of the Year” until March. It more than deserves its full twelve months in the spotlight. There is still time for us to rally with some really cool things to do together. Based on your letters and comments, it sounds like you’re anxious to participate and to continue celebrating one of our most awesome birds. Thank you! Let’s get to it!

Similar to the American Kestrel stickers we are now sporting on our optics and other interesting places, we now have an official American Kestrel ABA Bird of the Year Badge you can place on your individual websites and blogs. Visit the ABA BoY website where you can grab the html code – found in the lower left column. This is one of the most simple and easy ways you can show your support, so we wanted to get it out to you quickly.

This badge and those stickers you’re wearing will come to mean much more to you over the next few of months. Its symbol strengthens as our combined efforts add layers of meaning and experience, endearing this little falcon deeper into our hearts and actions.

While our friendly ABA administration approves the ideas already on the table, please join me in a renewed effort to report every American Kestrel sighting to eBird. Even if you’re just driving to work and see a Kestrel on the powerline, please report it. This citizen science data will aid conservation efforts on behalf of this awesome species which is struggling in some parts of North America. It’s fun. It’s free. It’s easy. And it’s important!

Please stay tuned for more ways you can celebrate the ABA Bird of the Year!