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The ABA Is Seeking An Awesome Birding Events Coordinator: Is It You Or Someone You Know?

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 Birders out there having fun in the warm California sun at ABA's Half Moon Bay Event, October, 2011


The ABA, almost from its inception, has had a strong tradition of pioneering and offering wonderful birding events for its members. A compilation of all the amazing stories, hilarious to hair-raising, from 4 decades of ABA events large and small would (and probably should, someday!) fill not only a book, but a book shelf. Or at least a really big website. Events have been one of the most visible ways we've helped to build the birding community.

I'm going to largely resist the temptation here to recount the ways that ABA events have changed my life for the better, because I'll probably get all teary and mushy and you don't want to see that. But suffice it to say that my life, even before I joined the staff here at the ABA, would have looked very different and not as good were it not for the experiences I had and the people I met at ABA events. So I'm a huge fan, to say the least.

But in the last couple of years, let's face it, ABA's event offerings have slowed to a trickle. The reason is simple: we haven't had an events person on staff for over a year. Thankfully, it's now time for that to change.

Though we've enjoyed considerable successes with last fall's Half Moon Bay event, and the recent Arizona Sparrows IFO seminar, we're looking to kick things into a higher gear. For that to happen, we're going to need a really great Events Coordinator. Maybe that's you. Or someone you know.

Are you well organized and friendly, with a passion for creating wonderful opportunities for birders and birds to interact? Would you like to join a team committed to forging a new era of awesome ABA events? Well, opportunity is knocking.

You can download a position announcement by clicking the link here:  Download Events postion pdf

If event coordination isn't your thing but you know just the person for it, please pass the word along!