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ABA Partners with Audubon to Protect Arctic Birds

Today the ABA and Audubon announced a joint effort to protect birds in the Arctic.

ABA Board Member and Actress Jane Alexander will be the spokesperson for the Raise Your Voice for Arctic Birds campaign to protect pristine wilderness areas of the Arctic.

ABA President Jeffrey Gordon says, “Birds are celebrated early indicators of environmental problems. As birders, we not only enjoy the pleasure and excitement of observing the wonders of birds all around the world, we see first-hand the changes and threats they face even in lightly populated places like the Arctic. I believe that those of us who are passionate about birding have a special role to play by sharing what we see and experience. Joining forces with Audubon fits perfectly with the ABA’s mission to inspire all people to enjoy and protect wild birds.”

More information about the Raise Your Voice for Arctic Birds campaign will be available later this month. To view Audubon’s press release of this partnership visit