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Subaru bets on birds

Ask any birder for their opinion on the “official car” of birding and you’ll likely hear Subaru more than any other.  The manufacturer has been very successful selling an image as the car for people who like the outdoors, but you may be surprised that their most recent ad campaign very explicitly sells the idea that you need to be better at knowing about those flying things in your backyard.


My personal favorite?  Dolphin.

ABA member and artist Catherine Hamilton (see her stuff at her website, Birdspot) did the artwork for the campaign so you know they’re the real deal.

In the last year we’ve been the subject of a major motion picture, a well-received independent film, and a major ad campaign from a large car company.  What does this all mean?  Who knows, but I hope it’s good for birds.

Great work, Catherine! Congrats!