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What’s your favorite non-birding book for birders?

Schmoker WI 812

The August 2012 volume of Winging It should be winging its way towards your mailbox (and there’s no need to wait…read it online RIGHT NOW and in color!). In my Geared for Birding Column I mention some of my favorite non-birding references that I think would be of interest to birders.  I know that most (or likely even all) folks who enjoy birding also enjoy many other facets of nature & science, and my selections are books that I have in heavy rotation next to my bird-specific collection.  I hope you’ll find my suggestions interesting and maybe you’ll even find a place on your bookshelves or in your knapsack for one or two if you don’t already have them.

To expand upon the idea a bit, I’d love it if you’d suggest any non-birding titles that you think your fellow birders would enjoy.  In my column I stuck with field guides and references but I suppose anything goes- chime in via the comments, fellow bibliophiles!!  Thanks- Bill