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Introducing Birding Online

First things first: Yes, you’ve landed at The ABA Blog. For the next week, though, The ABA Blog will be hijacked by Birding magazine.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. We’re all friends. Not only that, we’re gradually morphing together. The distinction between print and online content is breaking down. The September 2012 Birding, arriving in ABA members’ mailboxes right now, is loaded with “WebExtras”—that is to say,  Birding magazine content online. WebExtras are indicated in both the online and print versions by this symbol:


Where to put it all? Well, that’s a work in progress. We’re moving closer toward our goal of a centralized website for all online content—both a “landing page” for folks arriving via the print version of Birding and a “launch pad” to all the online content. We’ll have a prototype up and running in a few days, we’ll have a more advanced version in place with the November 2012 Birding, and we intend to have Birding Online fully functional in 2013.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s still September. You’ve just received the September issue of Birding. Where are all those “WebExtras”?

They’re right here! We’ll be posting them to The ABA Blog during the course of the next week. Please check back daily to see all the new content. And please don’t be a passive consumer of all the information. The ABA Blog welcomes your comments, questions, and suggestions.

Something else. Starting with the September 2012 Birding, we are offering exclusive, password-protected, members-only content. Such content is indicated online and in the print magazine by this symbol: WebExtra-Member

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding access to your members-only content.