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#ABArare – Spotted Redshank – Indiana

Indiana’s Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area (FWA) is hosting another continental-level rarity. You may recall a Hooded Crane was here last year. Now it’s the temporary home of a Spotted Redshank (Code 4), found by Kirk Roth on March 28 and seen throughout the day by others.

ABArare Spotted Redshank IN Sanderson 03photo by Ryan Sanderson

Roth first found it in the morning in Field E (see map below) west of SR 59. Then mid-afternoon, it was found to the north in Field B. At sunset, it was back in Field E and then took off with a group of Lesser Yellowlegs at 8:30 PM. Both fields are close to the intersection of SR 59 and 400s. Parking areas are marked with a “u” on the map. The fields are muddy, so wear boots.

Goose pond waterfowl map redshank
Map of Goose Pond FWA. Fields B and E are in the lower left portion of the map.

The nearest town is Linton, which is about 40 miles west of Bloomington and 40 miles south of Terre Haute. I created a Google map of the location, which you can find here. I marked only the location of the intersection of SR 59 and 400s because I did not have precise locations of the bird, but note that Field B is northwest of the marked and Field E is immediately to the southwest.

ABArare Spotted Redshank IN Sanderson 02photo by Ryan Sanderson