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New Photo Quiz: May/June 2013 Birding

It’s early summer in the northern hemisphere. What better time for a photo quiz on–wait for it–redpolls!

Seriously, if you’re on a bird records committee, you’re likely dealing with redpolls right now. Immense numbers of redpolls descended upon the Lower 48 this past winter, and quite a number of them were rare Hoary Redpolls. Records committees are still sorting it all out. And if you saw a rare Hoary and dutifully submitted documentation to your records committee, then you’re likely waiting for a decision on your bird. For a number of us in the sweltering Lower 48, redpolls are still very much on our minds.

Thus, a photo quiz on redpolls. A full analysis will appear in the print version of the July/August 2013 Birding. For now, let’s see if we can work them out among ourselves, right here, right now, at The ABA Blog.

Here goes:

13-3-16-99 [Quiz Bird A]
Quiz Bird A. Upper Peninsula of Michigan, January 2013. 

13-3-16-99 [Quiz Bird B]
Quiz Bird B. Upstate New York, February 2013.



13-3-16-99 [Quiz Bird C]

Quiz Bird C. Upstate New York, February 2013.


If you think these are easy, then crank it up a notch. How old is each quiz bird? Male or female? And what subspecies?

Again, the “official” answers will appear a bit later, but let’s for now try to work this out together, right here.

Have at it!