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#ABArare – Rufous-necked Wood-Rail – New Mexico UPDATED

A Rufous-necked Wood-Rail has been reported from Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge (fee) near San Antonio, New Mexico. Matt Daw obtained video of this bird in the morning of July 7 when it walked through the frame as he was videoing a Least Bittern. It was about 25 meters past the “1” sign on the Marsh Overlook Trail. (Click here for a map showing what I believe is the Marsh Overlook trailhead. That is not confirmed right now, so use with caution.)

UPDATE: Other birders are on-site and confirming the identification.

The video will probably be released tonight (July 7). At least until then, this should be regarded as an unverified report. After that, I’m sure there will be questions of provenance.

Video by Matt Daw. The rail comes in towards the end.

This isn’t the first completely unexpected report from Bosque del Apache. In 2008, a Sungrebe was found here. That bird was photograped and seen by several observers. It was accepted as the first ABA Area record for that species.

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