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ABA’s Periodicals, How Are We Doing?

JAG OK 12In the May/June 2013 issue of Birding, I devoted my “Birding Together” column (pp. 9-10) to the state of the ABA’s periodicals, detailing some of the changes we’re making to our publications. Here, I’d like to throw the floor open for discussion and your questions.

Briefly, here are a couple of framing thoughts and questions from me.

First, we are all aware that we’ve lagged a bit in our publication schedule the last few months, with periodicals not arriving as promptly as they should. This is an issue that we take seriously and we’re working hard to close that gap.

Mayjun2013fig2Beyond and far, far above that, I want to thank the incredibly dedicated team of staff and volunteers who put together our publications. They do amazing work month after month. Working with these people is a true pleasure, always challenging in the best sense, and nearly always fun. I know from the many compliments I hear and overhear that the majority of the ABA membership is pleased with and proud of their work, as am I.

I’m proud of the dynamic, interactive content they’re providing and I’m thrilled with the way all of you have joined in, making ABA membership an ongoing conversation. I’m proud that they’ve maintained the tradition of excellence and authority that has been the hallmark of ABA publications, while rapidly evolving our content and its production and presentation to suit the ABA of 2013 and beyond.

But I’m not looking for this post to merely generate a bunch of “amens,” as nice as those are to hear. What I and what all of us want to know is your thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns about the direction of the ABA’s publications, online and off.

What changes are you seeing that you like and want more of? What has you bothered, or concerned for the future?

Finally, a request. Please let us know the status of your membership with the ABA. Are you a current, past, or prospective member? Does your relationship with our organization span more than one of those categories?

You have the floor. Thanks for joining the discussion.