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#ABArare – Craveri’s Murrelet – California

Craveri’s Murrelets (Code 3) occasionally disperse to US waters in the summer and early fall from their breeding sites in Mexico. In the last decade, they seem to have been more difficult to see than previously; however, several sightings in 2012 and this year give some hope that birders may be able to effectively target this species.

Birders have been successful in seeing Craveri’s Murrelets off of San Diego over the past two weekends. On Aug 25, Dave Povey, Gary Nunn, and Jim Pea followed up on sightings from one week earlier and found at least three pairs. They saw another three pairs of murrelets that they could not identify to species but may have been Craveri’s. The murrelets were scattered from 12 to 25 nautical miles from shore.

ABArare Craveri's Murrelet 02 Gary Nunn

photo by Gary Nunn


ABArare Craveri's Murrelet 01 Gary Nun

photo by Gary Nunn


If you’re interested in looking for Craveri’s Murrelets over the next several months, visit for a list of upcoming southern California pelagic trips. Also, this conveniently gives me the perfect opportunity to mention the ABA Birding Rally in San Diego, Oct 12-16! Space is still available. The rally has a pelagic trip that will be visiting locations where some of these recent sightings took place. My fingers are crossed…