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#ABArare – Hermit Warbler – Quebec

On October 29, Samueal Denault found a subadult Hermit Warbler at Observatoire d’Oiseaux de Tadoussac (Tadoussac Bird Observatory) in eastern Quebec. The bird was later netted at the observatory’s banding station. Pending acceptance, this is a first provincial record for Quebec.

Tadoussac Bird Observatory is located approximately 3.5 hours northeast of Quebec City in the vicinity of The Bergeronnes, Quebec. The observatory has been in operation since 1996, monitoring bird migration down the west side of the St. Lawrence River.

Hermit Warbler is a common breeding species of coniferous forests in western North America, wintering in Central America as far south as Panama. The species has some pattern of vagrancy in the eastern half of the continent, primarily around the Great Lakes and the northeast. Hermit Warbler has been recorded in several states and provinces including Illinois, Wisconsin, Ontario, New York, Massachusetts, and Maine, among others. The farthest removed record comes from St. John’s, Newfoundland, in 1989.