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New Photo Quiz: September/October 2013 Birding

It’s photo quiz time!

We’ll get around to the New Photo Quiz–September/October 2013 Birding in just a moment. But first things first: the answers to the July/August 2013 photo quiz. Here you go:

Scroll down to the bottom of the post, past the quiz images, to where it says “Spoiler Alert.”

Alright, back now to the issue at hand. The new photo quiz is a bit of a departure from standard operating procedure. This time, we’re giving you two photos of the same bird. Our quiz bird was photographed this past summer in Sax-Zim Bog, St. Louis County, Minnesota.

An answer and analysis (plus credit to the photographer) will be provided after a little while. But let’s first see what we can figure out on our own. Take a look at these photos, and let us know what you think. Have at it!

Quiz 1Quiz Photo A.


Quiz 2Quiz Photo B.