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Lehman: Learn S&D

LehmanDo you own a field guide to the birds of the ABA Area? If you do, odds are the range maps were created, or at least significantly contributed to, by Paul Lehman–possibly the world’s foremost expert on the status and distribution of the birds of the ABA Area.

Avian “S&D”–shorthand for “status and distribution”–isn’t mere trivia for the birder. S&D also plays a vital role in identifying and enjoying wild birds. Yet S&D is becoming something of a lost art, Lehman argues in a commentary in the March/April 2014 Birding, with today’s birders. And that’s a paradox, given that we have better access to better data on S&D than ever before.

Here’s the link to Lehman’s commentary:

The genie’s out of the bottle. eBird, Facebook, and birding apps aren’t going away. Or, if they are, they’re going to be replaced by newer and ever-more-pervasive e-technologies.

So let’s be positive and proactive about this. Let’s talk about ways that technology can advance the cause of learning about avian S&D–and about bird biology and conservation more generally.