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#ABArare – Little Stint – British Columbia

Taking a break from western Alaska for a bit (but trust me, there’s likely more coming later today from there), we head down the coast a bit for an ABA Code 3 Little Stint, found yesterday (9/3) and photographed nicely by James Bradley near Sidney, British Columbia.


Photo by James Bradley, more photos available at British Columbia Bird Alert

The bird was present in the morning and as late as 1 pm in Tseum Harbor, and seen from Resthaven Park, in Sidney. Russell Cannings at BC Bird Alert reports that at full high-tide the mudflats where the bird was foraging disappear, at which time the Little Stint and the flock of mostly Western Sandpipers with which it was associating may either use a floating dock as a roost or move to other, unseen, mudflats nearby. No update to that effect has been reported.

Little Stint is an rare but regular vagrant to western Alaska, and exceptional elsewhere in the west, though reports of this species have increased in the last 20 years as birders begin to better understand Little Stint vagrancy and vagrant Calidrid identification.  Howell et al suggest in Rare Birds of North America that Little Stint may be a more regular vagrant in North America than the records indicate, but that it likely goes undetected among large numbers of Semipalmated and Western Sandpipers.


Howell, Steve N. G., Ian Lewington, and Will Russell. 2014. Rare Birds of North America: Princeton UP.