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25th Report of the ABA Checklist Committee, 2013–2014

It’s a holiday tradition at Birding magazine: The last issue of the year features, among many other things, the annual report of the ABA Checklist Committee. Each year, the committee’s report is timely, thorough, and well-researched. So it is with the 2013–2014 report, and we’ll get around to that in a moment. But first things first. First, here are the committee’s major decisions that affect birders’ lists in the ABA Area:


Species Added Based on Distributional Records

  • Egyptian Goose, Code 2
  • Zino’s Petrel, Code 5
  • Common Redstart, Code 5

Species Added Based on Taxonomic Changes

  • Salvin’s and White-capped albatrosses, Codes 5 and 4, respectively (split from Shy Albatross, deleted from the Checklist)
  • Ridgway’s Rail, Code 2 (split from Clapper Rail; Clapper Rail in the strict sense remains on the Checklist, Code 1)
  • Kamchatka Leaf Warbler, Code 4 (split from Arctic Warbler; Arctic Warbler in the strict sense remains on the Checklist, Code 2)

Species Not Accepted

  • Hooded Crane


Once again, the ABA Checklist has expanded—it’s up to 987 species. The way things are going, the Checklist could well reach 1,000 by decade’s end. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The one decision that may attract the greatest notice is the single non-addition, of Hooded Crane. In their report, the committee thoroughly explains the Hooded Crane vote. Because of the holidays, it will be just a little longer before ABA members receive the print version of the magazine. But we’d like to get the Checklist Committee report into your hands right now. Click here, and it’s yours:

Thanks to the committee and their energetic chairman, Bill Pranty, for the excellent service they provide to the ABA community.

Oh, and the full version of the report has news about European Turtle-Dove, Rufous-necked Wood-Rail, and Tricolored Munia. And a photo of Aaron Lang’s adorable daughter. You really want to click on that link… 🙂

Sample pages from the ABA Checklist Committee's detailed report in Birding magazine. ABA members, click on the link above for the full article.

Sample pages from the ABA Checklist Committee’s detailed report in Birding magazine. Click on the image to enlarge. ABA members, click on the link above for a high-quality PDF of the full article.