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New Mexico’s Dale Zimmerman receives ABA Ludlow Griscom Award

Dale Zimmerman of Silver City, New Mexico, one of his state’s best known and admired biologists and birders, received the American Birding Association’s Ludlow Griscom Award for 2015 at a ceremony in Roswell, New Mexico, on April 11.  The award is given for “outstanding contributions in regional ornithology.” The presentation took place at the beginning of the New Mexico Ornithological Association’s all-day Annual Meeting.  Representing the ABA and making the presentation of the plaque to Zimmerman was ABA Board member Linda Rockwell, who lives in Corrales, NM.


Zimmerman is an emeritus professor of biology at Western New Mexico University. He has 50 years of service to the New Mexico Ornithological Society in numerous capacities, particularly as the author of papers chronicling bird distributions of many species in the state.  In addition, he has made major contributions to ornithological knowledge in Mexico, East Africa, and New Guinea. Zimmerman has published more than 100 papers in the scientific literature and several books for which he was author and/or illustrator. He is a former associate editor of the AOU Monograph series and of Western Birds and has served on the editorial board of Western Birds. One of his drawings, depicting a Greater Roadrunner, is featured both on the NMOS home page on the Web and on the program for the society’s 2015 annual meeting.

ABA wishes to thank President Chuck Hayes and the NMOS for the opportunity to present the ABA Ludlow Griscom Award to the society’s great friend and colleague at its 2015 annual meeting.