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#ABArare – Gray Thrasher – California

Let the late summer madness commence. This morning, Ter Hurst, John Bruin, and Lisa Ruby found what appears to be Gray Thrasher at Famosa Slough in San Diego, California. Gray Thrasher is a Baja California endemic and this record represents a possible first record for California and the ABA Area.

Famosa Slough is a relatively tiny parcel of protected land in Point Loma. To get there, go west on I-8 to the end, and follow the signs toward Nimitz Boulevard. Turn left at West Point Loma Boulevard. After you cross Famosa Boulevard you can park. The bird is in the “newer” trail area on a small dirt hillside on the west of the trail, behind two small ranch style whitish houses and just south of the cul-de-sac.

Gray Thrasher is a Baja California endemic and relatively common in its restricted range. It prefers desert scrub from sea level to about 1500 meters in elevation.